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The "Police-Killer" Riley Brothers were a duo or trio of criminals situated in Loguetown. In the Loguetown fillers, Daddy Masterson takes two unconscious Riley Brothers, along with "Two-Pistol" Pete to Smoker to receive his reward. The third Riley Brother, if a Riley Brother at all, was killed by Daddy Masterson and taken to a morgue.[1]


One of the Riley Brothers is a tanned man with grey hair. He wears a grey shirt with a dark green vest over it and khaki cargo pants.

The other of the Brothers is a slightly less tanned man who wears a large grey cowboy hat. He wears a grey jacket, a white shirt with purple polka dots underneath it, and blue pants. Around his neck, he wears a yellow scarf.[1]


Not much is known about the Riley Brothers' personality, but based off of their epithet, they are probably brutal due to their killing of police officers.

Abilities and Powers

It can be assumed that the Riley Brothers had some fighting abilities due to the fact that they had a bounty.


The Riley Brothers were defeated by Daddy Masterson and taken to the Marines to claim their bounty.[1]

Major Battles


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