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Ririka[3] is a bartender who runs a local bar in Shells Town. She is also the mother of Rika.[1]


Ririka is a woman of average height and weight. She has brown hair that is usually tied back. She wears a light green dress over a dark green shirt.[1]


Ririka Anime Concept Art.png
Anime Concept Art of Ririka.
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She is very protective of her daughter, as she made her stay away from Luffy after he punched Helmeppo, fearing for her safety if she was associated with him.[1]


Romance Dawn Arc

Ririka was first seen after Luffy punched Helmeppo, telling Rika to get inside and get away from Luffy. She then asked Rika if she had gone to the execution grounds again, to which her daughter replied no.[1] After Morgan was defeated, she thanked Luffy and Zoro for saving the town by treating them to a meal at her home. She happily carried away empty dishes while the two and Koby ate. When Luffy punched Koby, she was seen looking on with a concerned look on her face and with her hands on Rika's shoulders.[4]

Diary of Koby-Meppo

She was later seen calming down Rika when her daughter learned that Koby and Helmeppo had left for Marine Headquarters. She explained that they would come back one day as Marine officers.[5]


Video Games

Non-Playable Appearances


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