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Robelle is a town located in Drum Island.[1]

This is where Portgas D. Ace asked some of the villagers to tell Luffy that he was going to wait for him at Alabasta only for ten days.[2]


Compared to the rest of Drum, Robelle is a rather flat town with condensed wooden buildings.[2] It has a bridge that leads into it.[1]

The town has at least one restaurant, where Ace ate without paying.



Years ago, Dr. Hiriluk came to Robelle with Tony Tony Chopper to treat people who were sick. When they arrived, they peaked over the edge of the town’s bridge to eavesdrop on its security force. Using this opportunity, they tried to find and treat the sick townsperson, but they were driven off for using quack medical practices.[1]

A week prior to the Straw Hat Pirates’ arrival to Drum, Portgas D. Ace visited Robelle and went to a restaurant. Because of his abilities, it did not snow in the town that day. Ace gave a townsperson Luffy’s wanted poster and told him to tell Luffy that he would only wait for him in Alabasta for ten days. He told the townsperson his name, but before he could say anything, the owner of the restaurant Ace went to shouted at him for not paying for his food, prompting the young pirate to flee in haste.[2]

Drum Island ArcEdit

The two townspeople who interacted with Ace arrived at Drum Castle to inform Dalton of his visit and message and give Dalton Luffy’s wanted poster. However, they arrived too late, as the Straw Hat Pirates had already left.[2]


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