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The Rocks Pirates were a legendary and powerful pirate crew that sailed the seas until their defeat 38 years before the current storyline.

They were led by Rocks D. Xebec and considered to be the most dangerous and strongest pirate crew of their time. They ruled the seas before the rise of Gol D. Roger and his crew.

Jolly Roger

The crew's Jolly Roger is depicted as a burning red skull with a flames that resembles two horns. It is shown as the O for "Rocks" on the sail of the ship.

Crew Members

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Rocks Pirates 
Rocks D. Xebec  Edward Newgate  Charlotte Linlin ? Kaidou ?
Shiki John  Silver Axe ? Ochoku ?

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The members include two supposedly infamous individuals known by the names of "Silver Axe" (銀斧 Ginbu?) and Ochoku (王直 Ōchoku?, VIZ Media: Wang Zhi).[3]


The organization was founded by a dangerous band of pirates who gathered at Hachinosu. Their mutual quest for fame and fortune led to the formation of the crew. However, according to Sengoku, the Rocks Pirates were very violent and would kill friends and foes alike, and their lack of camaraderie caused crew members to kill each other constantly, even while at sea.

Because of the poor relationship with each other, the Rocks Pirates members tend to downplay their time together to the rest of the world, coupled with the World Government covering up their actions, the crew became relatively unknown to the next generation.[3]

Crew Strength

The Rocks Pirates.

The Rocks Pirates were an extremely powerful crew with amazing potential and were regarded as a threat to the entire world. They were without a doubt the strongest pirate crew of their time.

The crew strength at the time made them the most threatening organization to the World Government, so the government decided to cover up their actions. Aiming to become the strongest military force in the world, three of their members, Edward Newgate, Charlotte Linlin and Kaidou, would go on to become Emperors.  

Eventually, it took the combined strength of Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp to defeat them. And even then, only their captain was confirmed to have died during the confrontation, as most, if not all, known members, survived and escaped to form their own crews.[3]


Rocks Pirates' ship as depicted in Sengoku's flashback.

The crew had at least one ship with a dark colored sail, with the word "ROCKS" written on it in light colored letters, the "O" was designed to look like a burning skull and it had a figure head of a corpse.[4]

Rocks Pirates' ship as depicted in Kaidou's flashback.

In Kaidou's flashback, the crew had a ship with dark colored sails except for the mizzenmast sail at the rear of the ship. The stern appears to be decorated as well, with three huge lanterns topped by the crew's Jolly Rogers protruding from the top. The ship's design appears to be a fourth-rate ship-of-the-line with carrack rigging.[5]



At some point in the past, the crew was formed on Hachinosu. They would go on to become the strongest crew of their time, to the point of threatening the World Government itself.

The Rocks Pirates against Roger and Garp.

Thirty-eight years ago, they attacked several World Nobles and their slaves on God Valley, causing Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp to team up with the then future pirate king, Gol D. Roger, and defeat them for good, earning Garp the title of "Hero of the Marines".


Due to Rocks' quest for domination that led him to dabble in forbidden studies that the government covered up, along with the crew's lack of camaraderie causing them to rarely speak of their time together, the Rocks Pirates became relatively unknown to the next generation.[3]

Five years later, the former members would go on to form their own crews.[6]



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