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Roji was the wife of Oran, the mother of Mizuira, the sister-in-law of Nico Olvia, and the maternal aunt of Nico Robin.[1][2]


Roji was a large, widely obese woman with thin limbs, wide and thick lips, small sad beady eyes, and curly red hair. She wore a simple short-sleeved orange shirt and black pants.[2]


Roji was an extremely rude, abusive, and uncaring towards her niece Robin. She threatened Robin for crying and even treated her like a slave.[3] Roji only cared about herself, her husband, and their only daughter.[1]



When Nico Olvia left Ohara to research Poneglyphs, Roji and her husband, Oran, took in Olvia's two-year-old daughter, Robin, since Oran was Olvia's older brother. Roji never liked Robin and would threaten to hit Robin if she did not stop crying.[3] She would always make Robin do all the housework and have her eat stale bread. Roji would not allow Robin to join any family celebrations.[1] Roji also scolded Robin for trying out Mizuira's clothes.[4] In essence, Roji treated her niece as a slave. However, Roji's husband would always defend Robin; since he is Robin's maternal uncle, he was the only person in the household to show care for her and would deal with Roji's temper.[3]

During the Buster Call attack on Ohara, she was killed when Vice Admiral Sakazuki blew up the refugee ship.[5]


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