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Roji was the wife of Oran, the mother of Mizuira, the sister-in-law of Nico Olvia and the maternal aunt of Nico Robin.[1][2]


Roji was a large, widely obese woman with thin limbs, wide and thick lips, small sad beady eyes, and curly red hair. She wore a simple short-sleeved orange shirt and black pants.


Roji was an extremely rude, abusive and uncaring woman towards her niece Robin. She never liked the little girl and abused and threatened her for crying, and treated her like a slave.[3] Roji only cared about herself, her husband and her only daughter.


When Robin was two years old, Olvia's older brother, Roji's husband, took her in. Roji never liked Robin and would threaten to hit Robin if she did not stop crying. She would always make Robin do all the housework and have her eat stale bread. Roji would not allow Robin to join any family celebrations.[3] Roji also scolded Robin for trying out her cousin's clothes. In essence, Roji treated her niece as a slave. However, Roji's husband would always defend Robin; since he is Robin's maternal uncle, he was the only person in the household to show care for her and would deal with Roji's temper.

During the Buster Call attack on Ohara, she was killed when Vice Admiral Sakazuki blew up the refugee ship.


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