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Rokai is a character from the game Set Sail Pirate Crew!. He also assumed the identity of Skullface, who served as the game's main antagonist.[1]


Rokai is a normal sized man with scraggly brown hair. He has a wide nose and a long, black beard. He wears a black pirate's coat with yellow shoulders and red and yellow coat cuffs. Under his coat, he has a white button-down v-neck and a gold necklace. He also wears a black and red pirate hat with his crew's jolly roger on it with a green bandana underneath and an eye patch covering his left eye.

Rokai has a shockingly similar appearance to Woonan. The only difference between the two is that Rokai has a beard.

Skullface Infobox

Rokai's face with half his skull mask.

When he assumes the identity of Skullface, he wears a mask that makes it look like his face is that of a skull.


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Abilities and PowersEdit

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