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The Rokuron Dokuron[1] was the anime-only ship used by the Bigalo's crew.

Ship Appearance and Design

A full side view of Rokuron Dokuron.

The Rokuron Dokuron appeared to be a red ship of average size, with green wave patterns on the sides and the top of the cabin. The front of the ship featured two skulls, one on each side, with a sun pattern around the right eyes, and the back has a half-sun symbol. Behind the main cabin was a multistory house with another building linked to it, and from the taller building's rooftop were ropes attached to the front and back sails.


The Rokuron Dokuron was seen entering the Dead End Race against the Going Merry, Web Panic and other ships. It was later capsized and blown away when a Sea King sneezed while the ship was on its nose.

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  1. One Piece Novels - "One Piece: Dead End Adventure", page 122 the ship name revealed.

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