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Rokuroshi is an anime-only member of the Foxy Pirates. He is the head referee for the Davy Back Fight game Hit and Dead Ball.[1]


Rokuroshi is an short elderly man with a square head and large, pink lips. He has balding white hair and bushy white eyebrows. He wears the standard Foxy Pirates' mask as well as a referee's uniform with blue shorts, a red tie and a whistle.[1]


Rokuroshi is loyal to the Foxy Pirates but is strict when it comes down to Hit and Dead Ball. He does put the rules of the game ahead of his personal affiliation with the crew, but he is just as much of a cheater as the rest of the team for making so many absurd rules. As a pirate, he has a great respect for a fellow pirate's honor.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As head referee, Rokuroshi has the power to enforce or create any rules. He also has dominance over his fellow referees who work like subordinates.[1]


Long Ring Long Land Arc

He is the referee during the game of Hit and Dead Ball. He called the elimination of the Straw Hat Pirates throughout the game for absurd reasons, like when Zoro cut the ball in half with his hand or when Luffy ate the ball. However, when Chopper defended the ball that was about to hit Luffy, he was willing to respect the pirate's honor and let him continue playing. Despite this, Chopper was still knocked out of bounds in the defense and was ultimately eliminated from the game.[1]


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