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Roronoa Pinzoro is a swordsman from a village in the East Blue. He is also the husband of Shimotsuki Furiko, the father of Roronoa Arashi, and the grandfather of Roronoa Zoro.[1]


Based on his silhouette, Pinzoro had short hair that was spiky in the back.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Pinzoro is a swordsman, but the extent of his swordsmanship skills are unknown.[1]



52 years ago, Pinzoro's village was attacked by mountain bandits. However, the villagers were saved by a group of migrants from Wano Country. Ten of the migrants chose to settle on the island and established Shimotsuki Village. Pinzoro married one of the settlers, Shimotsuki Furiko, and they had a son named Roronoa Arashi.[1]


  • Pinzoro (一揃; ピンゾロ) means "snake eyes" in Japanese. This follows the gambling-themed names of Zoro's relatives.


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