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Roronoa Zoro,[20] also known as "Pirate Hunter" Zoro,[9] is a main combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates, one of their two swordsmen, one of the Senior Officers of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet,[4] and is publicly recognized as the right-hand man and number two of his crew's captain Monkey D. Luffy.[21][22][23][24] Formerly a bounty hunter,[6] he is the second member of Luffy's crew and the first to join it, doing so in the Romance Dawn Arc.[2]

Born in the East Blue, Zoro is the son of Tera and Roronoa Arashi, the grandson of Shimotsuki Furiko and Roronoa Pinzoro, and the grandnephew of Shimotsuki Ushimaru, making him a descendant of both the Shimotsuki Family of Wano Country and the legendary samurai, Shimotsuki Ryuma.[3][11] As a master of Three Sword Style, a swordsmanship style which he created during his childhood training in Shimotsuki Village, Zoro is one of the three most powerful combatants of the Straw Hats, alongside Luffy and Sanji, who are referred to as the "Monster Trio".[25][26] His dream is to become the greatest swordsman in the world, in order to honor a promise he made to his deceased childhood friend and distant cousin Kuina.[27]

In addition to his infamy as one of the Straw Hats and as a former bounty hunter, his sizeable bounty upon arriving at the Sabaody Archipelago caused Zoro, along with Luffy to be included among the eleven "Super Rookies", pirates who simultaneously reached the Red Line with bounties of over Beli100,000,000 shortly before the Summit War.[28] He, the other ten Super Rookies, and Marshall D. Teach would go on to be referred to as the "Worst Generation."[29]

Zoro gained his first bounty of Beli60,000,000 after the Arabasta Arc. It later increased to Beli120,000,000 after the Enies Lobby incident, then again to Beli320,000,000 after the Dressrosa Arc.[17] Following the Raid on Onigashima, his bounty was increased to Beli1,111,000,000.[4][16]

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What is the origin of Roronoa Zoro's 'Pirate Hunter' nickname? toggle section
Roronoa Zoro, a key character in the 'One Piece' anime, earned his 'Pirate Hunter' nickname due to his previous occupation as a bounty hunter. Before joining the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro made a living by hunting down pirates and collecting the bounties placed on them. This fearsome reputation followed him even after he became a pirate himself, hence the moniker 'Pirate Hunter Zoro'.
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How did Roronoa Zoro become a member of the Straw Hat Pirates? toggle section
Roronoa Zoro, the swordsman with dreams of being the world's greatest, was on the brink of execution by the Marines when Monkey D. Luffy stepped in. Zoro realized his only chance of survival and achieving his dream was to accept Luffy's help and escape. In doing so, he became an official pirate and the first crewmate of the Straw Hat Pirates. This marked the beginning of Zoro's thrilling adventures in the world of One Piece.
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Who is Roronoa Zoro's captain in the Straw Hat Pirates? toggle section
Roronoa Zoro's captain in the Straw Hat Pirates is none other than the aspiring Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy. Zoro was the first member to join Luffy's crew and has since been a loyal and formidable swordsman, always ready to face any challenge that comes their way in the world of the anime, One Piece.
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What was Roronoa Zoro's profession before becoming a pirate? toggle section
Before becoming a pirate, Roronoa Zoro made his living as a bounty hunter. He would hunt down wanted criminals and turn them in to the Marines to claim their bounties. Zoro became a bounty hunter simply because he needed money - his true ambition has always been becoming the world's greatest swordsman. When he left his hometown of Shimotsuki Village in pursuit of this goal, however, he had to resort to bounty hunting to cover his expenses. Eventually, Monkey D. Luffy convinced Zoro to become a pirate and join his crew, causing Zoro to become a wanted man himself.
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Further information: Roronoa Zoro/Gallery

Zoro is a tall, muscular man with lightly tanned skin. He always carries his three swords along with him, bundled up with a green haramaki over his right hip, allowing him to easily draw them with his left hand. Of the three swords he has on his person, he has always been seen carrying the Wado Ichimonji, while his other two swords have varied over time due to them being destroyed and subsequently replaced with progressively better ones. Although his right hand is usually seen resting over them, he can also use this hand to pull his swords out before sitting down. He has three identical gold earrings on his left earlobe. Zoro normally keeps a black bandana tied around his left bicep and ties it around his head when he is fighting seriously against an opponent.

Zoro's body is covered with scars from his many battles, most notably the massive scar stretching from his left shoulder to his right hip that he acquired during his loss against the world's greatest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, at Baratie. His other visible scars are the scars he inflicted upon his ankles in a desperate attempt to free himself from Mr. 3's Tokudai Candle Service Set by trying to cut his feet off at Little Garden. After the timeskip, he gained another scar over his left eye, obtained through unknown means.

Zoro's other remarkable feature is his cropped green hair, which Sanji often teases him about by calling him "marimo" (moss-ball, moss-head in the VIZ manga and Funimation adaptations) due to its resemblance to one.

Before the Timeskip[]

Similar to most of his male crewmates, Zoro has the same outfit throughout most of the series. Before the timeskip, he would consistently wear black trousers tucked inside black boots, a plain white shirt with three undone buttons at the collar and his green haramaki. However, only Zoro's shirt varies from time to time in the arcs.

During the Arlong Park Arc, he disembarked Sanji's fishing ship neglecting to put on a shirt. After beating up most of Arlong's crew, he wore an opened, navy-blue shirt decorated with light blue whirlpools that he stole from one of the fish-men. Since Zoro received his scar from Mihawk during the Baratie Arc before the Arlong Park Arc, Zoro wore bandages that were visible underneath his shirt.

During the Loguetown Arc, Zoro acquired Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri to replace the two conventional katana which were broken by Mihawk in the Baratie Arc.

During the Drum Island Arc, Zoro was bundled up for the winter island, but later stripped down after a foolish choice to swim in the frigid water on the island. He remained shirtless and barefoot in the beginning of the arc after getting lost from the Going Merry and left unable to redress himself, until he stole a parka from a man in Wapol's army, which was a hooded, forest green parka with a light green sash and white fur on the cuffs, hood, and hem, as well as a pair of boots.

During the Arabasta Arc, he wore an orange keffiyeh with a gold chain on his head, a long-sleeved white coat with black lines all over it, and the bottom of his black trousers were torn above his ankles.

During the Skypiea Arc, he wore his usual outfit in the beginning of the arc until he took it off after fighting a sky shark to save Chopper from being eaten. Afterwards, he wore a long, deep blue tank top and goggles strapped either on his head or around his neck, which were later broken and discarded.

During the Water 7 Arc, he wore his usual outfit until near the end, where he wore an unzipped, bright yellow jacket with a closed pocket flap on each side. He continued wearing this outfit throughout the Enies Lobby Arc.

During the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, he wore a black shirt with the Galley-La Company emblem on it in white.

At the end of the Thriller Bark Arc, he wore an opened, gray shirt. He also replaced Yubashiri, which was rusted away by Shu in the Enies Lobby Arc, with Shusui, which was entrusted to him by the zombie of Ryuma brought to life by Brook's shadow.

During the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, he wore an opened white shirt with red stripes.

During his time at Kuraigana Island, shortly after being sent there by Bartholomew Kuma, he wore an opened, dark blue shirt. Since Zoro was critically injured when he arrived at the island, Perona patched him up, so bandages were all over his body.

After the Timeskip[]

During and after the two-year timeskip, Zoro gains a new scar running down over his left eye, which is implied to be a permanent injury, as it is always closed. His frame gets larger, showing considerably more muscle mass, and his hair has gotten shaggier, while slicked back. Zoro now wears a long, open dark-green coat closed on his waist that's held by a muted red sash, into which his three swords are tucked. His black bandanna is tied around his left forearm. His coat exposes his bare chest, revealing his green haramaki underneath the coat. He has also grown noticeably taller, as he is similar in height to Robin.

During the Punk Hazard Arc, he wore a white furry coat for protection against the cold weather on the COOL side of Punk Hazard, which he took from Brownbeard's Centaur Patrol Unit.

During the Dressrosa Arc, he wore a black suit and a white dress shirt with the top button undone. He also wore black sunglasses and a fake white mustache as a disguise. His sunglasses were destroyed in his clash with Admiral Fujitora. Additionally, he discarded the moustache upon his identity being exposed. After the battle against the Donquixote Pirates, Zoro took off his suit jacket and unbuttoned his shirt, leaving his chest and scar exposed.

During the Zou Arc, Zoro wore a dark-blue T-shirt with his green coat and haramaki over a pair of long, black trousers and boots.

During the Wano Country Arc, Zoro wore a white yukata with black details and a green cloud pattern on its bottom. He wore a dark green jittoku haori with a mon of a black sun over a khaki gear, and zōri with a black strap. Zoro also styled his hair in the chonmage style. After agreeing to allow Shusui to return to Ryuma's grave and remain in Wano, Zoro was given the legendary blade Enma in exchange, which was entrusted to him by Kozuki Hiyori, the daughter of the sword's original owner, the legendary Samurai, Kozuki Oden.[30] During the Raid on Onigashima, Zoro donned a black version of his normal coat and a new bright red sash. He also briefly wore a Beasts Pirates uniform created by Kin'emon, before he and Luffy were discovered by the enemy pirates.

During the Egghead Arc, after reaching the control tower, Zoro changed into a black body jumpsuit with the SSG logo on the side of the left thigh, with a dark-blue coat, blue gloves, and a belt across the upper body to hold his three swords on his back, along with a pair of orange DOM Shoes.


Similiarly to the main series, Zoro wears his standard outfit in most non-canon material. Starting with One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase, his standard wear is completely absent with very few exceptions.

In the Clockwork Island Adventure, after the Trump Pirates stole the Going Merry with his clothes inside, he had to wear a black kimono from a wedding store. Then he changes his clothes for an open black jacket, a white scarf, and black pants like the ones he normally wears.

In Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, he wears an open blue jacket with short sleeves, with a white line on the sleeves, short black pants, and still wearing his green haramaki. Also momentarily, he wears an extravagant penguin costume designed by Usopp.

In Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, he wears black pants, and a brown shirt, which he later exchanges for an open white jacket.

In One Piece Film: Strong World, prior to meeting Shiki, Zoro wore a burgundy button-up shirt with one pink and one indigo stripe going over the left shoulder and down to the bottom of the shirt, plus black pants with a vertical yellow stripe going down each outer side and black sandals with blue straps after being separated from the rest of the Straw Hats, he wears a brown t-shirt with a deep v-neck and a beige design around the collar, a red headband, and black cowboy boots, along with his regular haramaki and black pants. During the raid on Shiki's palace, he wears a black three-piece suit (which he later ditches the jacket of) with a white dress shirt, a black necktie, and black shoes.

In One Piece Film: Z, prior to meeting Z, Zoro wore yellow tinted sunglasses, a dark gray jacket with a thin light gray plaid pattern, a haramaki in a much duller green, navy blue pants, and black shoes. After meeting Kuzan on Secon Island, he wears a gray blazer with matching shorts, a light gray and white shirt with vertical stripes over a white undershirt and white shoes. During the final battle against the Neo Marines on Piriodo, he wears a long coat with yellow accents and a similar outfit to his normal one, except with a burgundy coat instead of a green one and an olive green sash instead of a magenta one.

In the 17th anime intro, Wake up!, Zoro wears olive green robes with a thin yellow line along the edge, a green sash, a lime green boa scarf, and a short green cape with fish and a lily pad pattern on it.

In One Piece Film: Gold, before entering Gran Tesoro, Zoro was wearing a green cap and white swim trunks with a camo pattern. After boarding the island, he changes into a white blazer, waistcoat, and necktie, a black zip-up shirt with sky blue accents, black pants, black shoes, and green-tinted sunglasses. After the "heist" is done, he changes into a black short-sleeved leather jacket with sky blue accents, black leather pants, black gloves, and black shoes.

In One Piece: Stampede, upon arriving to Delta Island, he was wearing a green noragi with a lime green pattern, matching shorts, and brown sandals. During the treasure hunt he wore a black short-sleeved jumpsuit with two orange lines rounding the right thigh and the word "KATANA" on his back in yellow text with an orange wing on each side and black boots. In the post-credits scene, Zoro wore an outfit almost identical to his main pre-timeskip look, just with a white t-shirt instead of a henley.

In One Piece Film: Red, his initial outfit consisted of a white t-shirt with a white, blue, and black diamond shape within a black ring with small white circles within it, a gold necklace with three rectangular pieces, black pants ripped at the knee with a zipper circling the left thigh and a silver ring hanging from the side of each him, and black high-top sneakers. His second outfit, forced onto him by Uta consists of a black leather jacket with a circular pink patch with gray edges on the left arm that has a gray sunflower within it, plus another pink patch on the back with a winged cross with the bottom turned into an arrow shape a white dress shirt, a white cravat, black leather pants, and black boots with silver rings hanging from the top.


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