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Rose is a resident of Steel City and a member of the Pro-Marine Faction on Jail Island.[1]


Rose is a small old lady with pronounced wrinkles on her face and purple hair. She wears a white hat on her head with a rose attached to it as well as a pink and white dress. She also wears a pair of sunglasses which she keeps on her forehead.[1]


Rose supports the Marine occupation on Jail Island, believing that the benefits they bring compensate for the hardships like the forced labor on the citizens, particularly valuing the safety and economic boost they provide. She does not like violence and stopped Luffy from attacking Isaac so he would not die, and was rather exasperated when Luffy expressed the intent to go after Isaac later. Despite Luffy's motives, however, Rose was still willing to talk to and help him.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

Rose was watching as Isaac and his troops headed into Steel City from the Marine base, and when Monkey D. Luffy came charging in to attack Isaac, she quickly put a stop to him. Rose told Luffy the reasons why she supported the Marine occupation of Jail Island before revealing to him that Isaac had just captured the Straw Hat Pirates, an action which she supported. Luffy asked her where the Straw Hats (whom, unbeknownst to Rose, were his crewmates) were being held, and she said that he should ask Jill, who knew just about everything.

Rose later encountered Luffy again, and he asked if Jeanne ever came around Steel City. She affirmed this, saying she could likely be found by the Marine base talking to Isaac.[1]


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