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Roule is a young adventurer who accompanies Trafalgar D. Water Law to the Sky Islands above Jail Island. He appears in a DLC story about Law in One Piece: World Seeker.[1]


Roule is a young boy with blonde hair and dark-colored eyes. He has thin eyebrows, prominent lower eyelashes, a small nose, and a wide smile. He is short and scrawny. Roule wears a teal jacket with pale yellow cuffs, buttons, and a zipper and a matching teal had with pale yellow stripes, an orange brim, and orange goggles with blue lenses. He also wears an orange neckerchief, puffy brown pants, brown shoes with yellow buckles, yellow socks, and a dark red sash around his waist. He carries his dagger on his left hip and a large green backpack on his back.


Roule comes off as a stoic, dismissive child, and he often tries to hide his emotions from strangers. He also does not like to owe other people, especially pirates. However, he still has a sense of childlike wonder, as he was amazed by the scenery of the Sky Islands. Roule is very bold, speaking confidently and sarcastically to people much older and stronger than him. He tries to put up the appearance that he is not afraid of those who threaten him.[1] After gaining more confidence, Roule’s airs become real bravery, as he wanted to help rescue Jeanne from the Marines.[2] He is also willing to lie to help his friends, even to dangerous and strong enemies like Admiral Kizaru.[3]

Roule has the dream of becoming the greatest adventurer and mapping the entire world. Though he is confident in achieving it, he can become embarrassed when other's acknowledge his resolve.[1] After getting to know Law, Roule shed this embarrassment and became more outwardly appreciate of others’ acknowledgment.[4]




Roule cared deeply for his father and chose to follow in his footsteps to make a map of Jewel Island after his father's death. His passion to fulfill his father's goal went deep enough for Roule to risk his own safety over it multiple times.[5]

Roule was in disbelief when Kizaru accused Roule’s father of being a liar who withheld information about the Dyna Stones and conspiring with pirates. However, Roule’s faith in his father returned after Law talked to him about it.[2] Roule is defensive of his father’s honor, growing angry at a naval officer who spoke ill of him. He deeply believes in who his father was and what he had tried to accomplish in his life.[4]


Trafalgar D. Water Law

Roule was initially cold to Law and did not want to associate with the pirate. He avoided telling Law anything about him and was quick to leave his side. Law was gracious to help Roule multiple times when the boy was in trouble, and when Roule finally came around to tell him about his dream, Law admired Roule's ambition. Roule found it odd that Law did not like killing despite being a pirate.[1]

Roule came to respect and look up to Law because he thought he was a kind person.[5] After Law retrieved Roule’s lost map from Kuzan, Roule began calling Law by his name, showing how close he felt to the pirate.[6] Their relationship took a bad turn when Law protected Roule and transported the both of them outside the naval base, leaving behind Jeanne to be arrested by Kizaru. Because Roule cares deeply about Jeanne, he considered Law a dirty pirate who did not care about family. After Law found Roule and talked to him about his father, the two made up, and Roule asked Law to help him save Jeanne.[2]

Law came to care deeply for Roule’s safety and wellbeing, saving him on a number of occasions and asking Nami to fix the boy’s map after he ripped it to pieces.[2] Law admired Roule’s dream and challenged him to achieve it before taking the map back for himself.[4]


Roule and Jeanne live in the same neighborhood, and Roule calls her his sister. Jeanne is a role model for Roule and corrects his stuck-up manners when needed.[5] When Kizaru tried to arrest Roule and Law, Jeanne offered herself to be arrested in their place, and Roule tried to stop her.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Roule is very clumsy and uncoordinated, as he trips often and accidentally blew up a blimp.[1]

Roule has expert knowledge of mapmaking and geography, as he identified unnatural rock formations in the Sky Islands above Jail Island.[1] He was able to determine that the center of the area had been carved out to make room for the Sky Prison.[5] He also draws maps with a fine level of detail, enough so that it impressed Nami.[2]


Roule wields a short dagger, though he is not skilled at using it.[1]



Roule's father had intended to chart a map of the entire island, but after he discovered that the Floating Island was home to the Dyna Stones, he was killed by the Marines in the war that took place on Jewel Island and was framed as a liar who had worked with pirates.[2] Roule studied mapmaking to follow in his father's footsteps and finish the map, as a significant portion of the Sky Island area was left blank.[1]

One Piece: World Seeker

Traveling to the Floating Island

After Law asked Luffy to gather information about the Sky Islands above Jail Island, Roule tried to sneak up behind him. When Law noticed someone watching him, Roule tried to attack him with a dagger but tripped and rolled forward on the ground into a rock, dropping a map he was carrying of the island. Law picked it up and asked the boy why he was following him. Roule responded that he wanted to investigate the Sky Islands himself and wanted to use the cannon behind Law. Law returned Roule's map and picked the boy up by his backpack, offering to take him to the Sky Islands. The two loaded into the cannon and fired themselves toward the Sky Islands.

After they landed, Roule was amazed by his surroundings, but Law warned him to be careful. Roule told him that he didn't have any more business with a pirate and left to explore by himself. Roule infiltrated a pirate crew's hideout and tried to steal one of their blimps, but it blew up. When he went to steal a different one, three members of the crew cornered him and questioned him. As one of the pirates was about to strike Roule with his sword, Law intervened and used Shambles to switch Roule with a box at the last second. Law defeated the pirates, and Roule agreed to share a blimp with him to go to the Floating Island.

The two rode together on the blimp, and Roule mentioned that he wanted to draw the island after they landed. When Law asked him about it, Roule changed the subject and left Law again. While exploring the Floating Island, Roule fell off a hill and got stuck in a cloud. Law heard his muffled yelling and pulled him out. Roule then explained to Law that someone had manually separated the cluster of islands there were on. He said they were now even and left Law for the third time. Roule did not get far before he tripped and rolled down a hill, only to be stopped by Law at the bottom. Roule insisted that he did not need Law's help, but when Law affirmed that he did, Roule explained that he was trying to map the Sky Islands to finish his father's map. He then declared his dream of becoming the greatest adventurer to Law before leaving for the fourth time.

Roule climbed up on a crane and fell off. His screams on the way down interrupted Law and Craven's fight, allowing Law to switch places with Roule. This both saved Roule and allowed Law to corner Craven, demanding information about the island's treasure's whereabouts. Roule tried to get Law's attention as he interrogated Craven, and after Law let Craven go, Roule asked him why. Roule then offered to lead Law through a shortcut to the Sky Prison.[1]

Roule led Law to what looked like an open ravine in the Sky Islands and explained that the Sky Prison was hidden below them. Roule suggested that the two of them jump down to get to it, and he insisted to Law that he had to see the Sky Prison for himself to be a true adventurer. As Roule was testing the feeling of the cloud the two were standing on, he lost his balance and fell into the ravine. Law jumped after him and caught hold of Roule's backpack right before he hit the ground, and he used his abilities to switch their place with a small stone. The two split up to search the prison, and when Roule found a store of Dyna Stones, he went to Law to bring him back to it. Roule walked up and almost touched the container holding them, but Law warned him that they were bombs. The two went to leave, but when Roule went ahead, he ran into a group of Marines and fled back to Law. Law defeated the Marines and ordered Roule to go outside.

Roule left Law but found a button that he pushed, activating a group of Isaac's robots. He ran in fear from the robots to Law, who was cornered by Marines. Law picked up Roule and jumped off the side of the Sky Prison, falling to Jail Island below and switching places with a marooned rowboat to save Roule and himself. Unfortunately, Roule's map fell out of his bag on the way down. Law tried to contact Luffy, but Luffy asked Law for help when he answers and immediately hung up afterward. Roule told Law that he thought Law was a good guy for saving him and helping Luffy, and he followed Law onto the Thousand Sunny and then to Sogyoku Town.

In Sogyoku Town, Roule ran to Jeanne after hearing that pirates attacked. Law ordered Roule and Jeanne to begin searching for injured people, and Roule was surprised that Law was a doctor. Before they could treat anyone, Crocodile, who had hired Craven, interrupted them and confronted Law about the Dyna Stones. After Law defeated Crocodile and Chopper arrived, Roule helped them identify the injured and treat everyone. Law decided that he would look for the pirates who attacked the town, and Roule offered to lead him to Battery Island where many of them can be found. However, when he went to reach for his map, he realized that he had dropped it when they fell from the Sky Prison. Roule ran to the Eastern Beach to look for it, leaving Law and Jeanne behind.[5]

Invading the Naval Base

At the Eastern Beach, Roule found Kuzan holding his map. He tried to jump and grab it from him, but he tripped and fell forward, sliding underneath Kuzan’s feet into the water behind him. Roule got out of the water, and Kuzan asked him if he had drawn the map. Roule explained his dream to finish the map and become the greatest adventurer in the world. Kuzan refused to return the map, and when Law, who had followed Roule, confronted him about it, Kuzan said that someone he knew was hurt by it. Law fought Kuzan to retrieve it, and after he was defeated, Kuzan handed the map over and left, warning that the naval base harbored answers to why the map should be considered a danger. Law gave the map to Roule, and Roule thanked him, this time referring to him by name. Jeanne arrived at the Eastern Beach, and Roule told her that Law had gotten the map back for him. Roule demanded that Law take him along to the naval base, as it related to his dad’s map, but Law refused and tasked Jeanne with watching the boy.[6]

When Jeanne was not looking, Roule used a shortcut on the island to follow Law, giving him advice on where to find information in the base. Jeanne followed him, and she and Law ordered Roule to say put. Roule suggested that Law use the back door of the naval base to reach the reference room and to use the northern exit after. As they were waiting, Roule and Jeanne saw an admiral enter the base, so they followed behind and snuck inside. Law found them, but before they could finish explaining why they had entered, the Marines arrived. Law defeated them, and Roule ran to see if Law was okay.

Suddenly, Kizaru attacked Law, and Jeanne grabbed Roule to protect him. The two ran to Law’s side as Kizaru materialized in front of him. Kizaru noticed Roule’s map and asked him if he was the son of the liar, saying that Roule’s father was a criminal who withheld information about the Dyna Stones and conspired with pirates. Kizaru asked if Roule knew where the Dyna Stones were, and when he reacted in fear, Kizaru threatened to arrest them. Jeanne interrupted, announcing that she was the one who knew the location of the stones. Jeanne bartered with Kizaru to arrest her and leave Law and Roule alone, and when Kizaru questioned her knowledge, she explained her mother’s role in protecting the island and safeguarding the stones. Roule ran to try to stop Jeanne, but Law used Shambles to transport the two of them outside the base.

Roule yelled at Law for running away and declared that he was just a dirty pirate who knew nothing about family. Law shouted at him to cool his head, and when Roule said that he would save Jeanne by himself, Law asked him what he was able to do alone. Roule broke down into tears and took out the map, blaming it for his problems. He ripped it into pieces, but when he realized what he had done, he ran from Law.

Roule ran through the Emerald City and to a hill above the naval base. He stood there until Law came and talked to him. Roule asked if his father was really associated with pirates, and Law explained that there are no right answers and that Roule should believe what he wants. Roule thanked him and asked him to help save Jeanne. Law explained his plan to switch Roule and Jeanne with his abilities and put Roule in a cage on wheels. Roule agreed, and the two bumped fists, resolved to save Jeanne.[2]

Deceiving the Marines

Law brought Roule’s cage inside the naval base and met with a naval officer to make the trade. Law pushed Roule’s cage to the officer’s side, but when the officer refused to hand over Jeanne, Roule called the officer a liar. Roule burst out of his cage and hit the officer in the face with the cage door, knocking him to the ground. Together, he and Jeanne ran to Law, and the Marines ran after them. However, before they could catch up, the Straw Hat Pirates arrived and intercepted them. Roule was told by Law to keep Jeanne safe while he fought the officer.

Roule waited outside the base for Law, and when the pirate ran out, he called him over. Without Roule realizing, Kizaru appeared right behind him and fired a laser at Law. Kizaru looked down at Roule and threatened him, and Roule apologized, revealing that the Dyna Stones are on the Floating Island. He offered to show Kizaru the way in exchange for his life. Kizaru accepted the deal and picked up Roule, walking away with the child slung over his shoulder. As they left, Roule looked at Law and smirked, revealing that he had lied about his intentions.[3]

Roule was taken by Kizaru to the Floating Island’s Northern Base but was relocated to the Southern Base. Kizaru handed him over to the naval officer, and Roule and the officer argue about whether Law will save him. The officer insulted Roule’s father, and Roule strongly defended him. The two were struck when they became surrounded by a wavering, transparent sphere, and Roule smiled knowing that Law had arrived to rescue him. Law stood in front of Roule and defeated the officer, but after Roule ran up to Law’s side, Kizaru appeared again and fired his lasers at them. Law carried Roule as they dodged Kizaru’s attacks. Law realized that they needed to take Kizaru by surprise to get close enough to defeat him, and Roule got an idea, asking Law to stall for him and running off. Roule climbed up the crane at the Southern Base and jumped from it, giving Law the opportunity to switch their places and attack Kizaru by surprise with his Gamma Knife.

After Law defeated Kizaru, Roule congratulated Law and elaborated that after he finished remaking the map of Jail Island, he would go to other islands and draw maps of them to achieve his dream of becoming the greatest adventurer in the world. Law gave Roule his map, which Nami had repaired, and Roule thanked him. Roule finished the map, but he became worried that if it stayed on the island, it could hurt more people. Law took it from him and challenged him to take it back. Roule accepted and said that he would achieve his dream before returning to Law for it. The two smiled at each other and bumped fists again.[4]


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