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The Royal Guards are warriors who serve a royal family, each country has a unique set of guards based on the climate or personality of a nation.

Known Royal Guards

  • Drum Kingdom: These guards are dressed in a warm suit. They have green coats, snow goggles, ear-flap snow caps, brown gloves and black boots. Their leader was Dalton, until King Wapol was overthrown, by which point the entire organization has since collapsed.[2] Afterwards, new royal guards took their place with uniforms resembling Dalton's attire, and even included Lapahns in the organization.[3]
  • Arabasta: These guards are dressed with a tunic capes, brown metal dragon-pattern armor, sandals, and a metal helmet. They are often seen having a long rods with a blade at the end. Igaram is the captain of the guards, with Pell and Chaka being the commanders under Igaram. While Igaram was gone, Chaka was the acting captain.[4] The Tsumegeri Guards were the elite amongst these guards.
  • Mary Geoise: These guards are dressed in medieval armor, with pointed helmets and the armor covering their chest and arms. They wear aqua green pants. Their weapons of choice are spears, and they usually accompany the World Nobles.[1] Sabo infiltrated the Levely posing as a Royal Guard.
  • Lvneel: These guards are dressed in a mesh-mail that covers their arms, with a purple double-breasted bolted sleeveless shirt over it, with two brown belts at the waist, purple gloves, and blue pants. They have no sailing experience, which led to many of them dying on their way to Jaya on the Northheim.[5]


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