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Ruibe is a cook from an unnamed East Blue island. He appeared in Chapter 2 of the spinoff one-shot Shokugeki no Sanji.[1]


Ruibe is a middle-aged man of average height with short dark hair and long sideburns. He wears a light-colored kimono with sets of three dots patterned on the lower half, and also has a rope around his head with a fish attached to it. When he met the Straw Hats, his left shoulder and arm were wrapped in bandages due to injury, though they were gone on the day of his daughter's wedding.[1]


Photo of Ruibe's daughter.

Ruibe is a gruff but caring man who is particularly devoted to his daughter, feeling guilty about her frail health and the lack of time he spends with her. Because of that, he made the effort to acquire and prepare draconic super-fillet salmon for her wedding despite their preparation being many levels higher than his skill as a chef, only ending this quest once he got injured, viewing the injury as a sign from above.

He was very pessimistic about anyone other than an experienced Grand Line cook being able to successfully prepare the salmon, and so heavily discouraged Sanji from attempting it to the point of being happy when the cook struggled initially. However, when Sanji ultimately managed to succeed in preparing it, Ruibe was incredibly grateful and gave all the credit to him at the wedding without any hesitation.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a chef, Ruibe likely has some skill in cooking, though the exact degree has not been seen. He was unable to successfully fillet the draconic super-fillet salmon, which only the most accomplished chefs are capable of doing.[1]



Some years ago, Ruibe fathered a daughter, but was not in her life very often due to his work. Since she was very frail and often sick, he frequently worried that each day he spent with her might be the last. When she was about to get married, Ruibe set off to sea to buy some legendary draconic super-fillet salmon to serve at the banquet, which were delicious but extremely difficult to fillet. He attempted to try his hand at it despite the doubts of his fellow islanders, but ended up failing. He then got caught in a squall while heading home and hurt himself trying to ride it out, sustaining an injured shoulder and potentially cracked ribs.[1]

Shokugeki no Sanji Chapter 2: Sanji, Banquet Assistant

Ruibe drifted away at sea for some time with the salmon until he encountered the Straw Hat Pirates on the Going Merry, who rescued him. When Nami assessed his injuries, Ruibe told the pirates they should have left him at sea, earning him Sanji's ire. However, the Straw Hats then learned of Ruibe's mission when a photograph of him and his daughter slipped out of his pocket, and made it their mission to get him and the fish to the wedding the next day. Ruibe said they could have as many of his fish as they wanted and do with them what they liked, as he believed it would be impossible for someone in the East Blue to prepare them. Sanji, an accomplished sous chef from the Baratie, took offense to this and proclaimed that he would fillet the salmon, though Ruibe was still not convinced.

Sanji quickly went to work cutting up the salmon, and Ruibe was impressed by his skill. However, his cut through the salmon's stomach was the slightest bit off, causing it to rupture. Ruibe laughed at Sanji's misfortune, being confident that even he would not manage to give the fish's stomach the perfect cut that was needed. He, Zoro, and Nami went outside and continued watching Sanji through the window; as the cook continued to struggle, Ruibe decided to put an end to this and leave with the salmon to avoid inconveniencing the pirates further. However, Zoro stopped him, saying that like a swordsman, a cook like Sanji would never back down once he became intent on cutting something. Ruibe watched as Zoro went in and gave one of his swords to Sanji, and then proceeded to watch in awe as Sanji perfectly cut a salmon with that blade.

Ruibe arrived at his island the next day with a plate of prepared draconic salmon, and despite his willing invitation the Straw Hats declined to go to the wedding, with Sanji just telling him to tell his daughter that a gentlemen gave him a hand with the fish. At the wedding, the guests greatly admired the salmon and asked Ruibe how he managed to fillet it, and Ruibe was quick to credit Sanji for doing it. He told his daughter this as well, but she responded by noting that he went to the effort to find and bring the fish, which made her very happy; this caused Ruibe to tear up in happiness.[1]


  • His name may be derived from Ruibe, a sliced seafood dish of the Ainu people of northern Japan. This fits Ruibe's quest to deliver a salmon fillet to his daughter's wedding.


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