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The Ruluka Government is an anime-only government that existed on the island of Ruluka, somewhere in the Grand Line. It was headed by Wetton, then-mayor of Ruluka and former pirate captain.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

When Wetton retired from piracy and took over Ruluka for his goal of living peacefully, he created the Ruluka Government to rule over the islanders with an iron fist.[1]

The Government's chief goals consisted of forcing people to pay horrendously high and silly taxes, such as paying for eating and drinking food that has already been paid for, in order to gain enough money for Henzo's research of the Rainbow Mist and the construction of the Rainbow Tower, in order to steal the sunken treasures of Ape's Concert.

Soldiers of the Ruluka Government apprehending a civilian.

The Government applied its will by deployment of its soldiers. The uniforms of these men consisted of a purple suit and a helmet, adorned with the former Pirate Jolly Roger of the Wetton Pirates. Subdivisions of the governmental soldiers include the Collection Party and the Dynamo Team.[1]

Any people who opposed the Government would be sent to a labor camp, where they would be forced to partake the construction of the Rainbow Tower "in hellish hard labor from dusk till dawn".[2]

The Government is now defunct, its leaders having been arrested for pirating on salvaged treasure by Rapanui Pasqua of the Marines.[3]

Members[edit | edit source]

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Ruluka Government
Top Brass
Wetton Flip Lake
Collection Party Dynamo Team Henzo

References[edit | edit source]

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