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Rusukaina is an island in the Calm Belt that is to the northwest of Amazon Lily. It is a harsh island that has forty eight seasons a year which change almost weekly.[1] Monkey D. Luffy spent two years on the island honing his skills and mastering Haki under the tutelage of Silvers Rayleigh.


Rusukaina Safe Tree

The safe tree on Rusukaina.

There are several different species of dangerous animals on Rusukaina. Boa Hancock openly stated that the island is dangerous even by Kuja standards. The only safe area on the island is a tree which animals avoid.[1] This tree is similar to Daft Green but does not emit poison.[2]

According to Silvers Rayleigh, when Monkey D. Luffy arrived on the island, there were over five hundred beasts living there he would not be able to defeat unless he got stronger.[1]

After the timeskip, Monkey D. Luffy successfully mastered Haki and completely conquered the island.[3]



At some point in the past, a country supposedly used to exist on this island, but its people could not survive against the extreme environment and died out.[1]


Rusukaina In Winter

Rusukaina in the winter, around the time of Luffy's departure.

Rayleigh took Luffy here to train him in the use of Haki for two years. He placed his Straw Hat on a rock during this time.[1]

Rayleigh spent the first year and a half to teach Luffy the basics of Haki. After Luffy mastered them enough, Rayleigh left him alone for the remaining half year to finish his training. It was during these two years that he developed Gear 4 to deal with the tougher animals.[4]

After another half a year, Luffy became the "boss" of the island, and even befriended some of the animals (which Luffy partially regretted, since he had missed out on getting to eat them). He departed when the time came to rejoin his crew, picking up his straw hat, with the Kuja Pirates coming to pick him up.[3]

Translation and Dub Issues[]

In the Funimation dub, after Rayleigh informs Luffy of the number of animals on the island Luffy cannot beat, Luffy asks if Rayleigh used to live on the island. Rayleigh states that he did, and tells Luffy that Luffy will obtain the same power he did then. Rayleigh’s previous experience on the island is not mentioned in the manga or the Japanese anime. [5]


  • Rusukaina is a play on the phrase "留守かいな" (rusu kai na?) roughly meaning "is nobody home?" or "nobody's home, huh?".


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