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For other models of this fruit, see Ryu Ryu no Mi (Disambiguation).

The Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus is an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a brachiosaurus hybrid and a full brachiosaurus at will. It was eaten by Queen.[1]


  • Ryū (?) is Japanese for "dragon" and can be found in the Japanese term for "dinosaur" (恐竜 kyōryū?).

Strengths and Weaknesses

The major strength of this fruit is that it allows the user to turn into a brachiosaurus, granting them an immense boost to their size and bulk. Their size is comparable to that of a giant, as a fully-transformed Queen is shown to tower over Big Mom, who herself is extremely tall at over 8 meters.[1]

Queen catching Luffy and Zoro inside his maw from afar.

Due to the signature long neck of the brachiosaurus, the user is able to reach targets that may be further away than they normally can by chomping down on them.[2] The user's immense weight can be used as a weapon, as very little will be able to withstand the crushing pressure of their massive transformed body. Like other Ancient Zoans, this fruit appears to grant enhanced durability, as seen when Queen quickly got back up after taking a beating from Big Mom, one of the most powerful combatants in the entire world.[3]

No weaknesses are currently known aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Queen uses this fruit in combat in a variety of ways, from jumping on Big Mom in an attempt to crush her[3] to grabbing Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro with his mouth.[2]

Queen firing a beam from his mouth.

As a cyborg, Queen is capable of enhancing the capabilities of his Devil Fruit through his technological implants, using both of them in conjunction to improve his battling prowess. He seemingly has various weapons equipped into his mouth, such as Gatling gun[4] and a laser beam projector,[5] which he is able to activate while in brachiosaurus form, and an in-built extendable metal cord in his neck that permits his head to stretch further, drastically increasing his reach.


  • Brachio Bomber (無頼男爆弾ブラキオボムバ Burakio Bomuba?, literally meaning "Hoodlum Man Bomb): Queen dives from a high place and lands headfirst on his opponent, crushing them under the immense weight of his brachiosaurus form. It was first used against Big Mom, managing to inflict enough pain to her to recover from her amnesia, although she was unharmed otherwise.[3] The kanji in the name possibly represents a pun: 無頼男 (literally meaning "hoodlum man"?) could be read as buraio, resembling the Japanese pronunciation of "brachio" (ブラキオ burakio?).


  • Despite the brachiosaurus being a herbivore and thus having flat teeth, Queen's brachiosaurus form displays sharp teeth instead.


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