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Ryudo was Yoko's father and a Marine officer.[1][2]


Ryudo was a large man, with a thick chin, and brown short curly hair. He wore a dark brown coat, with a white shirt, and a purple tie, under a white marine coat draped over his shoulders. He also wore a marine hat.


He seemed to care deeply about his daughter, Yoko, and was a loyal Marine.



Yoko is his daughter, who deeply cared for him. After he was killed, Yoko donned her fathers Marine coat and hat, and pledged to hate pirates.

Little East Blue Villagers

He protected Little East Blue, and seemed to care for it, until he was killed by pirates.

Abilities and Powers

As a Marine officer, it can be assumed that Ryudo was a strong man.



Ryudo died protecting Little East Blue from a pirate attack, which led his daughter to hate pirates. His Marine coat and cap were taken and worn by Yoko, and she took over as the island's protector in his place.[2]


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