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The Ryugu Kingdom is the country that King Neptune rules over. It includes all of Fish-Man Island as well as the surrounding areas.


Further information: Fish-Man Island Landmarks

The majority of the buildings of the Ryugu Kingdom are designed like seashells. They are built on coral reefs. Some buildings are floating in the air with bubbles encasing them. Also, throughout the kingdom are water streams that arc through the air, allowing citizens to swim within them for transport, and with Bubbly Coral as an inner tube, people can float in air as well.

Culture and Legends

Mermaid Princess

Main article: Poseidon
The Mermaid Princess is a legend passed down the kingdom. This legend speaks of a mermaid capable of speaking with Sea Kings, born once every few hundred years. Shirahoshi is the Mermaid Princess of this generation.


Main article: Tamatebako
The Tamatebako is a mystical box in the possession of the Ryugu Kingdom, capable of making a person older. At one time, Vander Decken IX wanted to use it to age Shirahoshi so he could match her age with his in order to properly marry her.

Ryugu Kingdom Inhabitants

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Ryugu Kingdom
Neptune Otohime  Fukaboshi Ryuboshi Manboshi
Shirahoshi Poseidon 
Minister of the Left Minister of the Right Ammo Knights Megalo Hoe
Shyarly Camie Ishilly Kairen Hiramera
Seira Mero Lulis Adele Fillonce
Other Civilians
Pappag Hatchan Octopako Ichika Nika
Sanka Yonka Yonka Two Junan Den
Papaneel Togare Maria Napole Kokoro  Hack 
Tom  Daidalos  Gotan  Luca  Garcia 
Jinbe Aladine Macro Gyaro Tansui
Vander Decken IX Hody Jones Hyouzou Zeo Daruma
Dosun Ikaros Much Hammond Kasagoba Harisenbon
Nuru  Arlong  Chew  Kuroobi  Kaneshiro 
Pisaro  Take  Shioyaki  Wadatsumi  Fisher Tiger 

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