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For the dragon, see Ryu.

Ryuji is a secondary protagonist of the game Set Sail Pirate Crew! and a member of the Gejitsu Pirates.[1]


Ryuji is a tan-skinned, pot bellied man seen with a smile on his face. He has short, black hair that sticks up like a mohawk. He wears a sleeveless black t-shirt with a smiling jolly roger on it and blue shorts with a white sash around his waist.[1]


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Abilities and PowersEdit

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Set Sail Pirate Crew!Edit

Ryuji and his friends Yuta and Reika set out to sea to find a mysterious treasure. They came upon an island and found Usopp, sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates. Usopp showed the pirates that he had a piece of the mysterious treasure, and he left the island with them to guide them to the rest of the treasure.[1]


  • Like some other video game protagonists from early games, Ryuji can have his name selected by the player before the events of the story begin. Ryuji is his default name.[1]


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