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S-Snake is one of the Seraphim and a clone of Boa Hancock.[1][3]

Due to her actions and role, she is a supporting antagonist in the Egghead Arc.


S-Snake resembles Hancock as a child, but with the same hairstyle and earrings as the adult Hancock, and is also significantly larger in size. While she shares an appearance with the adult Kuja, as a seraphim she also possesses lunarian traits, such as brown skin, black wings, and white hair. She has yellow eyes with star-shaped pupils.[1] Several characters consider her appearance "cute", a trait that helps her in combat. She wears a simple white dress and black DOM shoes.

A section of her right upper arm is replaced by a tube that is filled with Green Blood.[4]


Despite being a Pacifista, S-Snake expresses a considerable amount of personality. She has been shown to become easily flustered when praised.[5] She gets angry when her opponents manage to attack her and feigns vulnerability in order to make them drop their guard. She also utilizes her cuteness to charm her opponents in order to make effective use of her ability.[6] According to Jinbe, he considers S-Snake nicer than the original Hancock, though this may have been his sense of humor over meeting her clone.

Like the original Hancock, S-Snake has the same feelings of love and affection for Monkey D. Luffy as her genetic source. She acts very much like the real Hancock whenever she interacts with Luffy and can't turn down a request from him. This surprised Dr. Vegapunk since he did not program her to act like this.[7] In the anime, S-Snake does the same action as Hancock of "looking down" on others by leaning back and facing upward while pointing her finger.[8]

Like all the Seraphim, S-Snake is obedient to the Pacifista authority hierarchy. However, because of her feelings towards Luffy, any request from him she will prioritize over anyone else's.

Abilities and Powers[]

S-Snake is one of the Seraphim, which Vegapunk describes as the pinnacle of his scientific achievements and the "Strongest Form of Humanity."[9]

Pacifista Body[]

Like other Pacifista, S-Snake was given the ability to fire lasers from her palm as a result of Vegapunk's research of the Pika Pika no Mi.[1]

Fire Manipulation[]

As an artificial lunarian, S-Snake possesses flames on her back that are linked to her tremendous resilience as a lunarian.[1]

Devil Fruit[]

Main article: Mero Mero no Mi
S-Snake Petrifies CP0 Agents

S-Snake using Mero Mero Mellow.

Via the Green Blood, S-Snake possesses an artificial version of Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi, allowing her to petrify people into stone statues, so long as they are charmed by her.[10] She relies mainly on her cuteness to accomplish this.[6]


Wano Country Saga[]

Wano Country Arc[]

S-Snake and S-Hawk were brought to Amazon Lily for the mission of capturing the former Warlord of the Sea Boa Hancock. During the battle, she fought against the Kuja Pirates Marguerite and Sweet Pea. S-Snake received no visible injuries during the mission, but was eventually withdrawn by order of the Marines.[1] Afterward, S-Snake was returned to Egghead.[3]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

CP0 Command Seraphim

CP0 takes command of the Seraphim.

Weeks later, upon CP0 infiltrating Egghead in order to kill Vegapunk and his satellites, Shaka had S-Snake, S-Hawk, and S-Shark deployed under the command of Sentomaru to combat the threat.[3] While Monkey D. Luffy and Rob Lucci began fighting, the three Seraphim met up with Sentomaru. The group encountered the invading government agents, leading to Sentomaru commanding both S-Hawk and S-Shark to hold back CP0 while S-Snake assisted the Straw Hat Pirates with fleeing with Vegapunk.[11] Obeying Sentomaru's commands, the three Seraphim were joined by S-Bear with assaulting the government agents, during which S-Snake directed the Straw Hats in fleeing to the Vacuum rocket with Atlas and Jewelry Bonney. Afterwards, Sentomaru succumbed to his injuries from the invasion, leading to the four Seraphim being commanded by CP0's Pacifista authority chip to cease their attack on them and begin taking orders from Cipher Pol.[12]

York Instructs Seraphim

S-Snake and the Seraphim receiving new instructions from York.

Upon CP0 infiltrating Egghead's Labophase while the Frontier Dome was deactivated, the four Seraphim took the initiative to follow the assassins. Once they arrived, Lucci ordered them to destroy Vegapunk's laboratory before the SSG could regain control over the Seraphim, leading to them damaging the building's structure using a range of attacks.[13] After Stussy subdued Kaku and Lucci, the attack command remained until Edison left the laboratory and ordered the Seraphim to cease their attack.[14] A while later, York sneaked outside the Labophase and gave new directives to the Seraphim, including killing the Straw Hats, CP0 agents and remaining satellites inside the laboratory. York also instructed S-Snake in particular to provide the former with a way to avoid suspicion through an enacted petrification later on.

S-Snake Petrifies York

S-Snake kicks aside the petrified York.

After the original Vegapunk went missing in Egghead's Labophase, S-Snake started putting York's orders in motion and assaulted Pythagoras during his search of the third floor at Building C, but the satellite survived and was found by Usopp, Franky, Lilith and York when they arrived to investigate. With York now present, S-Snake followed her special instructions and let York get deliberately petrified, prompting Lilith to command S-Snake to stop. Unaffected by the order due to York's own prior ones, S-Snake shot a laser at the rest of the search party.[15] While Usopp's group fell through the catwalk they were in, S-Snake used the opportunity to release York from stone.

S-Snake Petrifies Lilith & Usopp

S-Snake turns Usopp and Lilith to stone.

Lilith unsuccessfully tried to shoot S-Snake with her bubble gun to immobilize her, but S-Snake proved faster and easily dodged them. However, Franky managed to distract and hold one of the bubbles against her, immobilizing the Seraphim. S-Snake cunningly tricked Franky into removing the bubble by feinting pain, allowing her to counterattack and partially petrify Franky's body. She then proceeded to charm Lilith and Usopp to fully petrify them.[16] S-Snake then finished off Pythagoras' head, blowing it up.[17] After finishing her part, she flies off to her next location as per York's orders. At some point, S-Snake crossed paths with Luffy, who mistook her for the real Hancock. He asks her to undo the petrification of Franky, Usopp, and Lilith, and she does so, somehow inheriting the same love and affection the original has for him. After she and her fellow Seraphim are detained, she is thanked by both Franky and Luffy, the latter of which she mistakes as having confessed his love for her much like the original.[18]

After Nusjuro bisected the clound underneath the Labophase, the Seraphim and the imprisoned Cipher Pol agents fell to the Fabiriophase.[19] The Seraphim remained trapped in their bubbles and were later sucked in, along with the Cipher Pol agents and pieces of rubble, by Peter in his giant sandworm form.[20] Peter later spat them all out, indiscriminately dropping them on the ships of the Marines and the Giant Warrior Pirates. S-Snake, still in her bubble, landed on one of the Marine ships.[21]

Major Battles[]



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