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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 100.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 1006, Page 44[]

Vol. 100 SBS Header 1

D: Oda-sensei! Over there, there is a UFO here with a beauty with giant breasts! Now, let's begin the memorable 100TH VOLUME OF SBS!! P.N. One Hundred

O: Ah---!!!! Begin---!!! Wait a minute! Does this not work? This time I have to announce... No good!? Volume 100!? Ugh... uh... about that...! There is no beauty with giant breasts here!!

SBS100 Robin's breasts

D: In SBS Volume 99 you said you wanted to please the PTA. No matter how hard you try, it's absolutely impossible, so give up and draw an anthropomorphic version of Robin-can's breasts. P.N. Heart Stay Error

O: DRAW WHAT!!!? DON'T SAY “BREASTS” IN VOLUME 100!! We are not always like this. Well, the next one is a serious postcard!

SBS100 Yamato

D: I was curious what the title would be for Chapter 1000, and I couldn't sleep at night. I thought it would be a tribute to Chapter 100, but it turned out to be a surprise "Luffy Straw Hat", what an illusion. It's much better than Yamato's chest on its side. P.N. Ugh

O: YOU CAN'T DO IT!! Whoa!! Sorry, I lost control!! Oops~ did I accidentally say something? The next person will return this corner back to normal!

SBS100 Nami

D: Lately I'm very worried about the direction of this corner. I will return this corner back to normal! I WANT TO SEE A CLOSE-UP OF O-NAMI! P.N. Sanadacchi

O: SANADA---!!! YOU PERVERT, GET OUT OF HERE!!! What's up with first page!!

Chapter 1007, Page 62[]

Vol. 100 SBS Header 2
SBS100 Usopp in mask

D: What would Usopp look like if he wore a mask with his nose? – P.N. Hercules

O: There, thanks for the postcard. This is it.

D: Hello Odacchi. Boss Jinbe's joining is cool. I have a question about the words "please allow me to introduce myself!" in Chapter 976. I heard this phrase in the lyrics of the song てなもんや三度笠 (Tenamonya Sandogasa) when I was listening to the best period drama CD. Did you take it from there~!? P.N. Petan

O: Hmm~ You didn't write your age but your interest is very old~ Just like me when I was younger. (laughs) This phrase you can heard in historical dramas and chivalry movies, To be honest, as well as lines that begin with "Hikeenasutte!!". Roughly speaking, it is his greeting from the old yakuza. It's like introducing yourself "Oh, listen to me! My name is ○○, I was born in ○○...". This is called "cutting morality".

SBS100 Yama and Koyama

D: Hello Odacchi! In Volume 95, page 173, the peron called Yama-san was a big pig considered the god of the mountain, right? Although Oden wanted to cut him in half, he lived. I'm so glad he's alive. Does Wano have amazing medical knowledge? – P.N. very like Sanji's lightning shopkeeper

O: That's right. It's alive. Haven't you heard about it? If an arm or something is cut with a clean cut, then the surface can be put back together! Yes! So Yamagami, because Oden's cut was so clean, he was able to put himself back together!! It is great!! Yamagami's son was called "Koyama".

Chapter 1009, Page 100[]

Vol. 100 SBS Header 3

D: Are Ulti and Page One really siblings? I'm curious if you're calling me "Aniki!" just like my younger brother calls you "Anego"! I'm very curious about them.♡♡ P.N. Don (20 years old)

O: Yes. They are really siblings. Their father was a pirate, but he died. Kaidou knew their father, so he ended up taking them in later. Ulti is very smart and she stole two Devil Fruits from Kaido and that's how she and her brother became strong, so that they can survive in this crew, where the strong survive and the weak are crushed. They even managed to become Tobiroppo.

SBS100 Hawkins

D: Odacchi, I have a question!! Tell me why Basil Hawkins have such eyebrows!! 1. He was born this way. 2. They have been painted. 3. He has thick eyebrows and this is the result of waxing them. 4. He finished with them for a punishment of a game. I love Hawkins' eyebrows!! P.N. Palm Rye

O: Yes. Um. Those eyebrows are one triangle and one hair. So Hawkins has six hairs above his eyes.

SBS100 Wano Country Map
SBS100 Wano Country and Onigashima

D: Oda-san! Is Wano Country made as a model? P.N. Captain Shunya

O: Yes. That's right! The prototype of the Japanese archipelago. This was the original idea. First setting. There used to be Hokkaido, also known as Onigashima, but for the convenience of the story, it became the current location.

Chapter 1011, Page 138[]

Vol. 100 SBS Header 4
SBS100 Shinosuke and Shinobu

D: I have a question for Oda-sensei! In Volume 95, on page 33 One Piece, is this person in Flower Capital's Rasetsu Town Shinobu without makeup? P.N. YAMATORO

O: Oh. You good find! He is actually Shinobu's older brother. His name is "Shinosuke". He loved his sister and knew that she would be hunted down and killed after she left the Onibawanshu group, so he became a deserter as well, thus protecting his sister while acting as a Kozuki samurai.

D: Does Franky check "I'm not a robot"? P.N. Takataka

O: No, he is a cyborg, so he's not a robot...huh?

SBS100 Drawing

D: Oda-sensei! Please tell us about strengh and skill of CP (Cipher Pol)! I think it should be from strongest CP0, CP9, CP8, CP7... to weakest. What do you say? Please tell me! There's nothing I can do about this guy, but please put him in the CPO!→ P.N. The boy who fell in love with Wapol

O: Ignore Rokuo Gan-kun for the time being. Cipher Pol is basically a group of spies. This means that they are people who work in government's shadow. Citizens only know from CP1 to CP8. The higher the number, the more important the missions they are entrusted with, but legendary CP9 has the privilege of eliminating people who get in the way of the government, and is a group of assassins that should not exist. CP0 (Cipher Pol, Group 0) is different, they are directly under the command of the Heavenly Dragons, and because they receive direct orders from them, so they are the strongest.

Chapter 1012, Page 154[]

Vol. 100 SBS Header 5

D: Oda-sensei! I want to marry Katakuri! P.N. Lactic acid bacteria lactic acid bacteria intestinal environment is super normal

O: Your nickname is very long!!! Yes. I see... But Katakuri's height is 509 cm, will that suit you?

SBS100 Roger and Oden

D: I always play in kindergarten and use "Tougen Shirataki" and "Kamusari". Will I get stronger? P.N. Taisei

O: Wow!! Bump...... .................................Ha!! Take a minute! Take it easy Haki!?

SBS100 Hassaikai

Dialogue on the right: "What are you doing? Going out! I won't go outside!"
Dialogue on the left: I will not go outside!

D: Odacchi, heso! I have a question! Does Kaidou's kanabo have a name!? Also, how cool would that kanabo be if it was anthropomorphized!? P.N. Takase

O: Kita. Good question! Let's see~. What goes first? Oh, kanabo is called “Hassaikai” (A reference to the Eight Commanders of Buddhism). It unranked, but if Kaido dropped her, she'd would be considered a legend. Well, let's go with anthropomorphism!! I think Kaido is much scarier...!!

Chapter 1013, Page 172[]

Vol. 100 SBS Header 6
SBS100 Kin'emon

D: Hello! I like history and I found not only the Edo period, but also the recent Heian and Taisho periods. Which era would you like to go to? P.N. Amagiri Momoka

O: Is it a good pattern to go to the past. You can see samurai!? Oiran too!? I love period dramas!!?? Yes. Buf, if I get cavities there I don't need anesthesia. It is very painful to go to the dentist. If you really want to travel, you better go to the future! Laugh

D: Please draw Robin at 40 and 60 age! P.N. Lifetime costume

O: Eh, should I?

SBS100 Robin


  • Age 40: Must be good, be young.♡
  • Age 60: Will you join me to go investigate something?

Future where something happens:

  • Age 40: My books? I threw them all away.
  • Age 60: That boy... How much would you give me for him?

Chapter 1014, Page 190[]

Vol. 100 SBS Header 7

D: I've been reading since volume 1, but when you draw your penis Odacchi? P.N. Different dimension pork belly


SBS100 Maria

D: Doesn't Black Maria's ability is similar to SMILEs?? P.N. Ebi

O: I see! Of course, if it's an hybrid form up until now, it shouldn't have two faces, and it's supposed to have spider hands. But in fact, he doesn't have a completely fixed type. You can change the transformation point with a relatively small amount of operation, just like Chopper can control the transformation.

SBS 100 Black Maria

←I think Black Maria couldn't afford turning completely into a spider because isn't pretty, so she must have used some drug and such to change her hybrid form.

SBS100 Jinbe's Jolly Roger

D: I've waited 10 years for Jinbe to join the Straw Hat Pirates. I'm a Jinbe's fan, so I made this symbol myself. Please make this symbol Jinbe's symbol! from Joshua.H

Jinbe's Jolly Roger

O: Whoa!! It's really cool!! I really want to use it as it is!! But flags have to follow a pattern, so let me change it up a bit→ can i arrange it? Joshua invented the symbol and I made it official!!

That's it! This concludes SBS Volume 100! We are still looking for questions for Jinbe's voice actor, KATSUHISA HŌKI-san! Enjoy the ads at the end of this volume!! See you in the next volume~~!!

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