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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 101.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 1016, Page 22[]

SBS101 Header 1
SBS101 Oden

D: Oda-san! Do you know Oden's Huff Huff game? This is a message game that you put oden in and huff huff. Well, what are you saying? "Hafufuhafu fuhafufuhafu" P.N. Kei

O: Huh? It's an interesting game, but understand it at all. The answer is written. Er. Answer "I'm starting SBS"? I see, IT'S ABOUT TO START!!!

D: Hello Oda-san! People tend to think that One Piece has many young fans, but there are many housewives like me who struggle to make dinner every day. Can I make a fan club for housewives? P.N. Hito Natsu

O: Oh, please, please! This is the cushion. Hey. Let him go slowly. This is ØNE PIECE, a manga that welcomes women and members of the PTA with particular courtesy♡

D: Hello Odacchi!! My dream is to be clutched by Robin-san, so Odacchi, could you ask Robin-san to clutch for me?? P.N. Robin-san's favorite girl

O: Hey, hey, hey, girls! Girls! What are you going to do if you're rude! All the housewives are here today, so be quiet! Okay!?

D : Hello Odacchi! Recently, SBS has become rough, so why don't you make a corner like this? Its name is also S (sugoku) (extremely) E (ero i) (erotic) S (shitsu mon) (constant) CORNER! P.N. Kanikama

O: Alright!! No Collier!!

Chapter 1017, Page 40[]

SBS101 Header 2

D: Odacchi! Let me marry Mr. 3 ! P.N.Ryokuchako

O: Good! Good luck!

SBS101 Sakazuki

"Don't forgive pirates "evil!!!"

D: If I were Akainu, I would surely say this. DONT'T FORGIVE THE PERVERT NAMED SANADA!!! P.N. Captain Nobuo

O: Oh! You said something nice! That's right!! Don't forgive that pervert! It's okay this time! I can't really put it on. 500 security guards were deployed at the SBS venue. Enjoy peaceful SBS~!!

SBS101 Dolls

D: Hello Oda-san. I'm a newcomer to watching One Piece on YouTube, but I look forward to it every week. When I was attending Tsujimura-sensei's doll class, I saw a collaboration work with One Piece. Right now, I'm making puppets with a vague dream of seeing a puppet show like "Shin Hakkenden" or "Sanada Ten Braves" by Akasaya Nine People. from Moon-san

O: Hey, I went to Jusaburo Tsujimura's doll class! Hey. No wonder I like dolls! Tsujimura-san, a doll artist who I respect and had the opportunity to talk about in the 6th volume of the ONE PIECE illustration collection "GORILLA". The samurai of Wano Kuni were made with Tsujimura-san's design in mind, so I'm happy that it's like a reverse import. If you search "one piece" or "puppet show" on YouTube, you can see Tsuki's doll making. Amazing. I like it fight!

Chapter 1019, Page 78[]

SBS101 Header 3

D: How does King eat when he in mask? P.N. Ebi

O: Ah. Let's give him a dango. What!! Only the mouth is a pteranodon!!

SBS101 King Eat

Left: Nom, Right: Chomp Chomp

D: Hello Odacchi! Recently, there are a lot of people who look like One Piece YouTubers, but do you watch those channels too, Odacchi? There are no bad people in One Piece Mania!! (laughs) P.N. Massun

O: I know of its existence, and I have seen many things. Everyone is really knowledgeable and surprised. I'm going to guess what they're talking about, so I'm not going to watch it lol. It's dangerous for me to think that people at that level are readers, and there are many readers who read lightly, so I have to draw One Piece that suits everyone. When he sees people picking up stories like that, he seems to be depraved and thinks he doesn't need an explanation here lol. That's why I won't put in strict checks, so please have fun and get along. Oh, and the official YouTube channel "Friends are there Tube" has started, so please check it out.

SBS101 Takeru

Dialogue on the right: "Takeru's me, isn't it"
Dialogue on the left: Ahahaha

D: Hello Odacchi!! I learned the name and anthropomorphization of Kaidou's kanabo club in volume 100, so I'd also want to know name and anthropomorphization of Yamato's kanabo club!!!! P.N. Kota

O: Yes, I'm good at it! His name is "Takeru".

Chapter 1020, Page 96[]

SBS101 Header 4

D: Hello, Oda-sensei. I have a question. Please tell me the names of the Red Hair Pirates' members other than Lucky Roux, Benn Beckman, Yasopp and Rockstar. P.N. I love rabbits

O: The Red Hair Pirates are now a huge crew, including their affiliates. The people who showed up in the Summit War of Marineford became the current "executives", and they know Luffy.

SBS101 RH Members

Shanks, Benn Beckman, Lucky Roux, Yasopp, Limejuice, Bonk Punch, Monster, Building Snake, Hongo, Howling Gab and Rockstar

Rockstar may be strong, but he doesn't have the title of officer.

SBS101 Killer SMILE


D: Faffaffa!! Odacchi, I like the cheerful Killer-san, but what kind of smiley person would you be if you didn't fail? P.N.420 Land

O: Oh, that's interesting. It's true that there are a lot of people who don't really know whether SMILE's ability is a success or a failure! Let's try it! What if the Killer's SMILE was a hit!? ...This is...How is it...!!

Chapter 1021, Page 114[]

SBS101 Header 5

D: Please tell us Ulti's ending number 1 and the worst one that was better than Page One!! P.N. Luna

O: Well, I introduced "Gonsu" before, but it's true that we've been together for a long time and had various endings. "Nari" (classical "to be"), "Hamahage", "Gowasu" (very polite "to be"), "Matcha" (as in, the tea), "Desu wa yo" (very feminine), "Potato", "Dattebayo" ("believe it"), "Zamasu" (used by rich women), "Aru yo" ("so it is"), "Pakikefaro", "Nanora" (childish and cute sounding), "Ti" (from Ul-"ti"), "Roppo" (from Tobi-"roppo")... There is no word, but it seems that the worst ending is "dragon". It seems that she never thought it was better.

SBS101 Doflamingo

Inscription on bubble:"After all apple'""
Doflaringo by sister

D: Hello Oda-sensei. Why does Oda-sensei cross the "O" of One Piece with her? I know it's a skull cross, but I'm worried that it's all written as "O" in SBS etc. P.N. Personification of Gigi

O: It's Nori!! I don't care about that, but there's a strange thing in the corner of the postcard!! "Doflaringo"! "by sister"! Your postcard is scribbled on by your sister! Lol Doflaringo is the best!

SBS101 Black Maria

"Go Maria-sama!!!"

D: Hi Odacchi!! I'm honored to be adopted by SBS, which I've been longing for, and I'm deeply moved by Maria!! By the way, why are all of Black Maria's technique names so exquisitely lame? P.N. Jovshov

O: Do you hate it? Did you want her to fight without losing her coolness like that? As I said before, isn't that weak point of being a little lame, that's why I love you~? Laugh

Chapter 1022, Page 132[]

SBS101 Header 6

O: Yes! This is a question from P.N. Mii-chan!! You can understand this if you think of a certain famous scene. Answer below!!

SBS101 Letter

Give me a message! Straw Hat Anagram

Huh? The Straw Hat Pirates are standing with Kanban cards. But it seems like there aren't many. What's more, they're standing separately, so the message doesn't get through!! Luffy says, "If you put us in order, he'll read the message for a certain person". Come on, let's line up and send a message!

  1. Hint 1... Which country did the members here have fun with...?
  2. Hint 2... You can read the message by following the "order" in the comics.

Bepo: "Roar" P.N. Mii

I'm sorry I'm bad at drawing

Chapter 1023, Page 150[]

SBS101 Header 7

D: Oda-san, please tell us. Please draw a future where something happened to Franky at 40 and 60 age. P.N. I love Nami

O: But Franky is already 36 years old, so let's make him 50 and 70.

SBS101 Franky
  • Age 50: It's cold. I'll turn on the island heating
  • Age 70: I fixed your bike. I put a cannon on it though

A future where "something" happens

  • Age 70: I am ol' battleship Grampky~♩
SBS101 Robin vs

D: Why is there a strange pattern on Robin's breast, who has grown into a giant bloom? I was looking forward to it... but this is the second time I've felt such resentment. I will not forgive you. P.N. Nikuchiki

O: I'm... I'm so angry...!! The first time was when Black Maria wrapped her in a bleached cloak......! I received a lot of angry comments about this. First of all, I will explain that the matter of Black's Maria's exposure is "spider thread". As for Robin... Well, it's possible to make clothes out of parts of Robin's body, but when she's that size, I thought I'd have to put in the extra effort to imitate her clothes, but if she's naked, it goes beyond the scope of a shonen manga. The answer that Robin-san and I gave was that pattern! What the hell is that? We are waiting for everyone's views at SBS!! What the hell!

Chapter 1024, Page 168[]

SBS101 Header 8

D: Eiichiro Oda-sama, I watched Chapter 1024 with great interest. Isn't that person who calls himself a certain person Zoro-dono's father? P.N. Rollomiki

O: I had a lot of questions for "someone". It would be silly to say that person himself is obfuscating his name, but there were many people who guessed it, so I'll introduce it. Those three are actually the daimyo of a ruined towns.

SBS101 Daimyo

Daimyo of Ringo, Shimotsuki Ushimaru; Daimyo of Kibi, Fugetsu Omusubi; Daimyo of Udon, Uzuki Tempura

SBS101 Ushimaru and Onimaru

After Oden's death, all the villages rose up take revenge on Orochi, but were defeated by the Beast Pirates. Since Shimotsuki Ushimaru was once renown alongside Onimaru, fox who fought Zoro, so when he stole Shusui from Zoro, he was surprised to see that Zoro looked exactly like young Ushimaru, but since that scene was a little confusing. I cut it because it is too much. I may not say it in the main story. So the answer is that Ushimaru is not Zoro's father. The names of the three characters won't appear in the main story, so I'll reveal them here, but I'm debating whether to draw Ushimaru's bloodline again or hide it, so I'll put it on hold. It's similar, isn't it?

D: When I calculated the size of Shirahoshi's original based on the figure, it turned out to be about the same size as a light car. After that, kei cars can only be seen as TT! P.N. Sanadacchi

O: SANADA———!!! We're closing SBS!! That didn't happen!! Konoyaro!! It's over!! Look at the end of the book too!!

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