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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 103. This SBS features two different corners, one being the standard question corner, and the other being a One Piece Film: Red promotional corner.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 1036, Page 28[]

SBS103 Header 1

D: "I'm ashamed of SBS!!!!" P.N. Hebo

O: Uwaaaaaah!! I was assshaaaameeeeeed!! That makes sense!! That doesn't make sense!! (cries)

(Note: Reader makes a little wordplay. Usually SBSs start with readers "SBS wo hajimemasu" with hajimemasu being start, but reader this time starts with "SBS wo hajimasu" hajimemasu being "ashamed")

SBS103 Mouse

D: Odacchi, please tell me. Osome-chan's mouse "Chuji" looks exactly like the mouse that Sanji cooked for him when he was a child! Is it a relative or something? P.N. Fraland

O: You remembered well~. Sanji's core kindness can be seen by fact that he is liked by mouses. While they do look very similar, Chuji and the rat from Sanji's childhood are not relatives. I was relieved that Sanji wasn't taken in by Germa. However, the "power of science" that manifested in his body made Sanji even stronger. He's also gained the power to "vanish," but don't worry. It's all about speed, not a trick you can use in the bathroom lol.

D: I'd like to date Nami-san, but could Odacchi ask for her phone number?! Just don't let Sanji notice. P.N. Ramen Maru

O: Yes. 7373-737373. Please use a big Den Den Mushi instead of a smartphone! In the worst case, Sanji may be the one going to you by tracing your phone's location.

Chapter 1037, Page 46[]

SBS103 Header 2
SBS103 Fuga

D: Hello Oda-sensei!! In chapter 1032, Yamato and Fuga were having a friendly conversation, but since when did the two of them get along? P.N. Ryunosuke

O: This is it, I tried to draw it many times, but I couldn't draw it because there were too many battle scenes. As you can see, Fuga has a "the power of the horse". Actually, this is the result of stealing and eating SMILE from Kaidou's room when he was hungry (laughs). Kaidou was angry and put Fuga in a prison cell, and the other Numbers laugh at him because of his weird legs. After going though those bad ex-periences, Yamato says to crying Fuga "But those legs are cool!!". After that, Fuga and Yamato became good friends.

SBS103 King

D: Does Karyudon (Fire Dragon Emperor) come from "curry udon"? Does King likes udon? P.N. Inutchi

O: It is Curry udon. His favorite food is flying fish sashimi, but curry udon is also delicious!

SBS103 Momonosuke

D: Hello Oda-sensei! Momonosuke is 8 years old, sensei, why is he so perverted? Is Oda-sensei the same? P.N. Yu-kun

O: The question is, when do boys get so pervy? I'm trying to keep this a secret! Because if you make this public, they won't be able to use their "privileges"!! I won't open my mouth!!

Chapter 1039, Page 84[]

SBS103 Header 3

D: 23 years!! Thank you for waiting!!! I'm sorry!!! I just bought a cola!!! Eh... what? No~ I told you in SBS Volume 9 that I wanted to drink cola~. I had already bought it, but I forgot to give it to you. Yes, please!! P.N. Fukada Kokoro

O: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!? Huh!!? Really. ...T ...Thanks. But when I looked it up, the expiry date for cola was about half a year... No...!! I should drink it!! Okay!! Glups, glups, glups cough!! Falls...

SBS103 Snatch

D: In an English vocabulary book I've searched the meaning of the word "snatch" means "the act to wrest (such as victory)". I couldn't stop thinking about the relationship with the samurai's "Sunacchi", so can you tell us about that? P.N. Yashirai

O: Yes, eh~ There is a slogan called "chest" in the swordsmanship of the Satsuma clan called Jigen-ryu. It means to jump into the opponent with an empty mind. If you use it as it is, it wouldn't make sense in the real-world, so I tried to use the word "Sunacchi" as a desperate slogan to "Surrender your name and be as a child."

Chapter 1040, Page 100[]

SBS103 Header 4

D: Odacchi! Thank you for your hard work!! I can't assemble my Yamato figure because I'm so curious about what All-Stars and Tobiroppo were like when they were children! If you don't mind, please draw them. Please! P.N. Setcho

O: It's a pity that you can't assemble your Yamato figure. Okay. I drew Drake before, so no need.

All-Stars and Tobiroppo as Children

(From left to right, top to bottom. Row One: King, Queen, Jack. Row Two: Who's-Who, Sasaki, Black Maria. Row Three: Page One, Ulti.)

Chapter 1041, Page 118[]

SBS103 Header 5

D: Oda-san, please tell us which PTA you like and which PTA you hate. P.N. Eyan

O: My favorite PTA is a PTA that enjoys One Piece with children!! I hate PT... there's no way I would hate it~~Nico Nico♡

SBS103 Rosinante

D: In the same way that Law accepts the fate of being a member of the D. clan, who is the "natural enemy of God", Oda-san should also live with accepting that he is a "natural enemy of the PTA". P.N. Inugami Nekosei

O: NOOOOOO~!! I want to be liked by the PTA!! But I also want to draw kids' dreams...!! Damn it...!!

D: Hello Oda-san! Can you poop? P.N. Koutarou

O: I popped so much that I could see a town of Tokyo when I looked down!! Damn it...!!

SBS103 Fukumi


D: Nin Nin. It seems that Raizo and Fukurokuju are rival ninjas, but I want to know what happened between them. P.N. Koutarou

O: Ah, I don't even need to talk about this, I just skipped this (laughs). Roughly speaking, it is like this. The genius ninja Raizo, who possesses "Maki Maki no Jutsu" and has an outstanding physical ability, loved Fukumi, the sickly younger sister of Fukurokuju, the leader of the ninja corps. One day, while on a mission, he rescued Fukumi, and she fell in love with Raizo's dependable appearance and tried to kiss him, but Raizo, who is too naive, rejects her happiness and injures her. Raizo couldn't look at her face and escaped. In her sickbed, Fukumi kept calling Raizo's name until she died. Fukurokuju, who misunderstood it as a grudge, was angry and his earlobes stretched. And he promised that he would never forgive Raizo for the rest of his life. Raizo makes no excuses.

Chapter 1042, Page 136[]

SBS103 Header 6

D: Hello Oda-sensei. I will be a PTA officer from next year (laughs). I am (laughs). I would like to thank the villagers for their recommendation and do my best. P.N. Sanadacchi

O: Well, from this corner, the PTA executives will finally come out, and it's worth the healthy work up until now... SANADAAAAA!!! TELL ME IT'S A LIE!!

D: If the Straw Hat Pirates were to write a month's worth of schedules on their calendars, what would each of them write the most schedules for? P.N. Ebi

O: In the first place, I think the navigator Nami is the only one who cares about "date" and "time". Sanji also cares about "time", and Robin about "date". They don't do things like birthday parties very often. They just celebrate whatever they want, whenever they want. Excluding "guard duty" and "helm duty", they are all basically always on "free time."

D: What was favorite food from Wano Country that Luffy and the others ate in Wano Country? P.N. Goemon

O: It seems that they were able to try a lot of different foods there because they stayed there for a long time.

SBS103 SH Foods
  • Luffy: Oden
  • Zoro: Sushi
  • Nami: Oshiruko
  • Usopp: Saba Misoni
  • Sanji: Chawanmushi

Chapter 1043, Page 154[]

SBS103 Header 7
SBS103 Nika

D: Odacchi heso. My heart sounds like "Dondottotto♪ Dondottotto♬". Why? P.N. Jinbei

O: Eh...!? No way...!! Catch him!! Catch P.N. Jinbei right now!! This heartbeat...!! IT'S A PERSON WITH HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE~!! To the hospital~!!

SBS103 Yamata no Orochi

D: Why is Orochi still alive!? Does this mean that the Hebi Hebi no Mi, mythical model "Yamata no Orochi" have 8 lives?? P.N. Aba

O: Yes. If you don't cut his head 8 times, he won't die! This is also his ability!! It's annoying!!

Oto Oto no Mi User Diagram

D: Odacchi!! Apoo's full body are instruments
Head: Cymbals
Teeth: Piano
Chest: Drum
Left arm: Trumpet
Right arm: Stringed instrument
His chin is something that goes "poof", isn't it? What other instruments does he have? P.N. Norisen

O: This is it. He has a triangle in his crotch! Yes, it's over! SBS continues in next volume~~!!

Movie Promotion Corner[]

This section is dedicated to One Piece Film: Red and does not feature questions from readers. The pages from this section were published beforehand online on July 18 in order to show them in color.[1]


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