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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 104.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 1047, Page 28[]

SBS104 Header 1

D: I have an important message from the PTA today. Though the SBS is a free corner where anything is possible, small children will read it, so please be careful about the content of the questions and the choice of words! Now, LET'S START SBS! P.N. PTA Officer Sanadacchi

O: Oh! It started... No... More than that.... Sanada, you... No, I want to let one person take it. Then calm down SBS... Let's do it.

SBS104 Reiju and Luffy

D: Hello Odacchi! In chapter 931, Sanji says that Soba Mask's ability to become invisible is the power of the raid suit. Does that mean it is the power of the raid suit that allows Reiju to create and manipulate poison? If I were to be poisoned, would Reiju be able to save me if she wasn't wearing her raid suit? P.N. Nine

O: Em. First of all, the ability is the power of the suit, but since Judge systematically started by creating a human body suitable for each "ability", Reiju is a person who is somewhat resistant to poison. If it's just sucking poison out of someone, she can do that without her raid suit. The rest depends on whether or not Reiju wants to save you. (laugh)

SBS104 Chopper vs

D: I want to become a cute raccoon like Chopper and have Robin-san cuddle me. P.N. Ehehe

O: The relationship between those two is heartwarming. Right, Chopper? Chopper...!?

Chopper: I'M NOT A RACCOON!!!

Chapter 1048, Page 46[]

SBS104 Header 2

D: Hello Oda-sensei! It was revealed that the name of one of the CP0 members is Maha-san, but please let me know the names of the other members as well!!! P.N. YAMATORO

O: Sure.

D: In rakugo, there is a story called "Yūdachi Kangoro" ("Evening Shower Kangoro"), but did "Yūdachi Kanjuro" come from there? Is there an origin of Kanjuro? P.N. 37

O: It's a story in rakugo, and also in kodan. In Kanjuro's case, the "Evening Shower" is scary, because it refers to a shower of blood. Kanjuro actually had a model, a rakugo story about a sculptor named Jingoro Hidari, who made sculpture with his left hand so wonderful that they came to life and moved. In Kanjuro's case, it's the opposite. The details don't really matter, but Kanjuro draws all the bad pictures with his left hand. After his betrayal, he's right-handed. Isn't he annoying?!

D: I heard that anthropomorphizing belongings has become popular on SBS recently, so I'd like Zoro's haramaki and earrings, too! I'm sure they're so beautiful that Sanji would be jealous!!! P.N. Just Hentai

O: Oh, do you prefer women?

SBS104 Zoro's haramaki and earrings

Labeled "Haramakiko" and "The Piercing Sisters" respectively

Chapter 1049, Page 64[]

SBS104 Header 3

D: Does Yamato wear... underpants? Or a loincloth? P.N. Tomon

O: It's a loincloth. He's a samurai!

D: Compared to the first chapter, I feel that the number of members of the "Red Hair Pirates" has decreased. Does this mean that the teams are divided and they just don't appear? P.N. Negizaru

O: I don't know what scenes you're comparing with, but Shanks actually has a big crew. All the members introduced in volume 101 are called "senior officers", and they have a number of separate pirate crews affiliated with their operation. It would be difficult if they all acted together all the time, so there may be times when it looks like a small number of people, but there are a lot of them. It's similar to the "Straw Hat Grand Fleet". But Shanks isn't a cruel tyrant ruling over them.

D: Please tell us about the Tobiroppo's hobbies. P.N. Morley

O: Sure.

SBS104 Tobiroppo
  • Sasaki: Making sake
  • Ulti: Making accessories and bullying little brother
  • Page One: Fishing (just wants to be alone)

Chapter 1050, Page 82[]

SBS104 Header 4


SBS104 Letter

From left to right:
We want a respectable SBS
Please make the sickos leave the SBS forever
Free us from this pervert hell

O: Wow! Those sky boats... are so beautiful! Your wishes... have been answered! There are no more perverts in the SBS...!! Did you hear that, members of the PTA? We run a very safe, very wholesome segment here!!

SBS104 Hiyori

D: Hello big brother Oda!! How did Hiyori-chan get to Onigashima? P.N. Moki

O: Certainly, she just showed up, didn't she? But Hiyori was always determined to do this. By going in and out of the Flower Capital's castle as an oiran, she kept tabs on all the enemy's actions, so she hid in the "tribute" from Orochi to Kaidou and crossed the sea. So, when she reappeared, it was in the Treasure Hall!

D: Is there any reason why Kid and Killer formed a pirate crew, or how they met Heat and Wire? P.N. Dragon Water

SBS104 Kid Pirates

Above: Kid and Killer
Bottom: Heat and Wire

O: Of course there is. These four were born on an island in South Blue, and Kid and Killer have been friends since childhood. The country is unaffiliated with the World Government, so gangs rule the island like kings. Each of the four towns on the island has its own gang, and the four bosses were Kid, Killer, Wire, and Heat, with constant conflict every day. One day, Kid's best girlfriend was killed by a gang. Her name was "Victoria S. (Shiruton) Doruyanaika". Kid, who got mad at her death, united the other gangs and defeated the country's number one gang. "I don't want to live in such a tiny world", he said, and became a pirate with his bad friends. Their ship is called the "Victoria Punk".

Chapter 1054, Page 156[]

SBS104 Header 5
SBS104 Sennorikyuru

D: What is the name of the waiter who was preparing the feast at the castle? P.N.Tomon

O: That person is the head chef, not a waiter! It's Sennorikyuru, the best chef in Wano and a master of the tea ceremony.

D: The beauties of the SBS♡ Nami and Robin are very pretty, but do they wear makeup? I would like to ask you about your beauty methods. P.N. 27 year old longing for Shakky

O: Let's ask. They'll probably just say "No, I don't use anything..."

Nami: I do! I wear minimal makeup, because skin care is challenging at sea! The sauna that Zeus makes are perfect, and Robin's massages are the best! Sanji takes care of my diet, Chopper makes me lotions, foundations, creams, and skin packs, and Brook is an expert in hair care. And I keep up with my fitness!

O: Well, there you go. She does put the effort into it - with a lot of help from her friends!!

D: Please let me touch Nami-san's extra-large dumplings! P.N. Sanadacchi

O: ? (Looks again)? Wait, SANADAAAAA!!! You...!! Do you have split personalities!? Resign from the PTA!! Then let's end SBS!! Damn it!! See you in next volume~~!!

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Questions and answers are machine translations, corrected based on VIZ Media's translation.

Translations may have been modified since the original versions.

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