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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 105.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 1056, Page 24

SBS105 Header 1
SBS105 Uta

D: Today's the big concert for our princess, the wonderful Uta, so let's all lead a cheer for her! U-T-A! U-T-A! U-T-A! It's-time-to! Be-gin-the! S-B-S!!! P.N. Tokomon

O: It's-time-to! Be-gin-the! S-B-S has already begun!! (shock)

D:'re really good at drawing!!'re good at drawing!!×6 I wrote that because I was bored. P.N. Chopami

SBS105 Diable Jambe

O: Thank you~~ I'm so happy~~ See you~~ Bye-byyyyye.

D: Oda-sensei, why are flames coming out of Sanji's feet? P.N. T. Ura

O: Because it's cooler than if farts came out of his feet~ See you~~ Give me another postcard~~ Bye-byyyyye.

SBS105 Sanji's Eyebrows

Chapter 1029→Chapter 1031→Chapter 1044

D: My question is about Sanji's eyebrow. In volume 102, chapter 1031, Sanji's eyebrows were reversed, but in volume 103, chapter 1044, they're back to normal. Why did they change back? P.N. Rooftop

O: You noticed it well. Yes, his eyebrow does change. Going back to the Whole Cake Island Arc, all of Sanji's siblings were born with superhuman abilities and strong skin called an "exoskeleton", due to the Lineage Factor manipulation performed on them. However, only Sanji was born as a normal human due to his mother's resistance. Look at his brothers and sister's eyebrows.

SBS105 Vinsmoke Siblings' Eyebrows

Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, Yonji

←Everyone has "66", like Yonji. Sanji is the exact opposite. So, for him, the raid suit caused the power to science to manifest. Sanji already had an abnormal resistance to flame. That was a strange little event, wasn't it? Let's see where this takes him.

Chapter 1057, Page 42

SBS105 Header 2

D: Hello. I like One Piece. I heard the Wano Country Arc is over. It's sad that the people in Wano who ate failed Devil Fruit can only laugh now, so I was hoping Chopper would make a medicine to cure them before the Straw Hats left the country. It's too sad for Killer that all he does is laugh. Please take care of this, Oda-sensei. P.N. M. Hiromi

O: Thank you for your kind postcard. It's really horrible to be unable to mourn, or do anything but laugh, just after your parent has died. But I don't think Chopper has the ability to make that medicine yet. There are things in the world you just can't do anything about, and this seems to be one of them. But when Killer could do nothing but laugh, the members of the Kid Pirates said, "Let's become a fun pirate crew!" and I laughed. It's great to be able to look on the bright side of life when things are depressing. I believe in the strength of the people of Wano!!

SBS105 Aramaki
SBS105 Tensei

D: Is Ryokugyu based on the actor Yoshio Harada? He was so cool, my nose started bleeding. P.N. Match and Takeshi

O: That's right. He's famous for his role in the movie Ronin-gai. He's already passed away, sadly, but he's a legendary actor.

D: Is there an actor who serves as a model for the director of the Marine Criminal Investigative Service Kurouma, who appeared in Chapter 1054? P.N. Jinbei

O: Tensei is modeled after an actor named Akira Kobayashi. I thought about it, and realized that by putting my favorite legendary Japanese actors in the Marine's upper echelons like this... they're all going to have black hair! So that's why I didn't color his hair. I'm doing the same with Ryokugyu's hair. If you know my favorite movie, "Battles Without Honor and Humanity"... the scene of Akainu and Kurouma speaking to one another as equals is super exciting! They're awesome!!

Chapter 1058, Page 60

SBS105 Header 3

D: Do the later members to join the crew (Robin, Franky, Brook, Jinbe) ever hear stories about the earlier adventures in the East Blue from the more senior members (like Usopp)? I'm really curious! P.N. Seito

O: Some things they know, some things they don't. Let's break it down by their personalities. Luffy and Zoro don't really talk about the past. Nami, Sanji, and Chopper will tell you if you ask them. And Usopp will tell you stories unprompted. Of course, the adults are smart enough to see through his lies, so if they're really curious, they'll ask Nami, Sanji, or Chopper. For the most part, however, the Straw Hats are a group who don't care too much about each others' pasts

SBS105 Picture Book

D: In Chapter 1045, Kaidou mentions "Comic Strips". Does that mean manga don't exist in the OP world? Eh!? Kaidou has never read One Piece? P.N. Kei

O: "Picture book" and "comic strips" appear in One Piece from time to time. "Picture book" is self-explanatory, but please think of "comic strips" as the "manga" of the OP world. Unlike manga, there is no concept of speech bubbles, so instead there are narrative boxes next to the art that have prose text and quotes from the characters. Famous comic strips include: Sora, Warrior of the Sea, Fire Dog, Pokeemon, Monkey Ball, and Maruko-san. There are all kinds out there.

SBS105 Animals

Chapter 1060, Page 98

SBS105 Header 4
SBS105 Yamato

D: What is Yamato's least favorite food? P.N. Gomu Mera no Mi

O: Spicy food. If he eats something spicy such as hot peppers or wasabi, he will yell "Hey!".

SBS105 Graves

The inscription on the graves of Tama's parents: "Kurozumi".

D: I saw the word "Kurozumi" on the gravestones of O-Tama-chan's parents...! Does this mean O-Tama-chan was born into the same family as Orochi, who followed the path of revenge after the persecution of the Kurozumis, but is a symbol of hope for the new Wano Country, like Koala and Hody? P.N. Rimika

O: You've really gotten very deep into this story! I'll confirm it for you: O-Tama's birth name is Kurozumi Tama. Should we hate her, then? In the final scenes of the arc, Hiyori clearly said, "Kurozumi was born to burn." Does that mean she's including O-Tama? No, of course not. It's clear from the story that Hiyori is referring specifically to Orochi. How would people react if they found out that O-Tama was from the Kurozumi Family? Please use your imagination. This has been a problem throughout human history that continues to this day.

D: Where exactly are Marines okaki made? Where are they sold? I would like to try them! P.N. Shinonome Tomari

O: I think everyone knows that in the western part of the "South Blue" there is a stubborn okaki artisan, Ayesé Mar. "Okaki are rock'n'roll!!" is his motto. Sengoku loves his okaki, so the Marines buy a supply from him. They sell them at the Marine Headquarters shop.

Chapter 1061, Page 114

SBS105 Header 5

O: Yes. A female reader told me that she has something to say to "Sanada"!

D: I wanted to say something to someone like Sanadacchi. "I worship, droll, and am very, very, aroused over my beloved Shanks' chest!" It's the same as Sanadacchi's weird feelings for Nami-san! That's all. Ahh, I feel refreshed now ♡ P.N. Munecchicchi

O:' Wait a second! You're trying to compete with him?!

D: Let me bite into O-Nami's extra-large dango! P.N. Sanadacchi

O: Not you too!! You're both banned!! Get out of here!! And what about your PTA job...!?

SBS105 Killer

D: I have a question. In this scene, is Killer eating takoyaki!? He's only supposed to be able to eat long thin noodles. P.N. Occhi

O: Look carefully! I've been asked this several times, but it's yakisoba! So it's okay! He was slurping them through the holes. Recently, my astigmatism has gotten worse, so I could have made that clearer. It was my fault too!

SBS105 Nami, Toko, and Sanji

D: Hello Oda-sensei! What was the content of the book that Nami and Toko were reading in chapter 1052? I'm curious, but I can already tell one thing - it's not something Sanji's interested in! P.N. Yu-kun

O: Oh, you noticed them? It's a heartwarming scene. Nami loves to pore over the books she finds wherever they go. It looks like she found this in the library in the castle. I believe it's a fashion book about kimono. But Sanji's looking the other way.

Chapter 1062, Page 132

O: There were so many people who asked the question "what is Zoro's lineage?". I don't think there's anything to explain in the main story anymore, so I'll announce it here.

SBS105 Zoro's Family Tree

O: The younger brother of Shimotsuki Furiko, who was on the ship that set sail from Wano, was none other than the "so-and-so" who met Yamato as a child, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, former daimyo of Ringo and the descendant of Wano's mythical samurai, Shimotsuki Ryuma, whom Zoro met back at Thriller Bark. In other words... what does that mean...?! It's a story of a very strange, twisted fate that even Zoro is unaware of.

Chapter 1063, Page 148

SBS105 Header 6

D: What does Kaidou look like when he eats an umeboshi? P.N. Junya

SBS105 Kaidou

Too sour!

O: Here→

SBS105 Nami 2

D: Serious question. One Piece has a lot of cleavage shots, but no panty shots. Is there a personal policy you have that informs that decision? P.N. Panty Shot God

O: Well... I'm just not interested in them. (laugh) Since I was a child, various cartoons have used panty shots as fan service, but it's always something that passively happens to the female characters... So I thought it was a revolutionary move for Nami to take an active role instead when she used the "Shiawase Punch".

SBS105 Kaen Daiko

D: Odacchi, did the model for "Kaen Daiko" in chapter 1048 come from the classic rakugo story "The Flaming Drum"? P.N. Shinnosu (T/N: "The Flaming Drum" is pronounced "Kaen Daiko" in Japanese, but spelled with different kanji.) O: That's right! Not that anyone cares! (laugh) There's a new rakugo manga called "Akane Banashi" in Jump right now. It's good, so check it out.

SBS105 Teacher

D: Oda-san! In chapter 1052, is the man with glasses who teaches at the school based on the classical singer and actor Torazō Hirosawa? I believe you said on a radio interview a long time ago that you were a fan... P.N. Negizaru

O: That's right!! That's more hardcore territory than rakugo, but that's right! Rakugo, rōkyoku, historical lectures, and samurai dramas! The Wano Country Arc has been packed with all of my favorite traditional arts! Beben!! That's it for SBSover! See you in the next volume~~!!

Translation Credits

Translated by machine translation, corrected by Babaev. Later adjusted based on translations by VIZ Media.

Translations may have been modified since the original versions.

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