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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 106.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 1066, Page 24[]

SBS106 Header 1

D: Here, Odacchi! Chocolate for you.♡ Take a break and have some.♡ Oops! That was a poisoned-filled one!! Sorry♡ Let's start the SBS, choc-full of questions!♡ P.N. Akizo

'O: Thump... Beep... Beep... Oh!! I almost died!! Huff... huff... If there's one thing I know about chocolates, it's that there are no poison-filled ones!!

D: Oda-sensei, congratulations on winning the WBC. P.N. Daikon Man

O: Well, thank you! Did you hear that? I boiled wakame seaweed deliciously with the Wakame Boiling Club.

D: Who is gets more women, Shanks or Benn Beckman? P.N. Kikuno

O: Shanks is more popular, I think. But Beckman hits on many more women. Beckman loves the ladies.

D: Odacchi!! Please tell me the Straw Hat Pirates' alcohol tolerance ranking. You've depicted Zoro and Nami being resistant to booze, but what about the others? P.N. Kuromu

O: It was difficult to make this rating. "Like to drink" and "be able to drink" are different things, so not everyone drinks with the same enthusiasm. I think Luffy has the potential to drink a lot, but food comes first for him.

Chapter 1067, Page 40[]

SBS106 Header 2

D: Please anthropomorphize Law's Kikoku . P.N. Gomu Mera no Mi

D: Odacchi!! I want the personification of Katakuri's Mogura. You always draw dumb ones, so make this one cool. P.N. Teriyaki Burger

SBS106 Mogura and Kikoku

Mogura: Yum, donut.
Kikoku: Ahh, I'm so tired from my travel.

O: Sure!

D: I have a question. Is the "K" in Law's awakened technique "K-ROOM" short for Kakusei ("Awakening")? Or is it from "Kikoku"? P.N. Black Handkerchief of Happiness


O: Law's battle techniques involve creating a "Room", which is his own surgical room where he can do anything he wants. In K-Room, he locks his own sword within the Room. Within the operating room, he can make the sword grow and give off powerful shock waves. The K is short for "Knife".

The other Awakening technique, R-Room, is short for "Remote". Prior to this, Law would need to be within the Room as the surgeon, but his Awakening of the Ope Ope no Mi's power made it possible for him to control the operating room without being in there. If that seems too complicated, don't worry! Just go on vibes. (laugh)

Chapter 1068, Page 58[]

SBS106 Header 3

D: Hello Oda-sensei! We've seen Rob Lucci and other CP9 agents get promoted to CP0, but not Jabra, Fukurou, or Kumadori. Are they part of CP0 too? P.N. Sakuragi

O: If you saw One Piece Film: Red, you'll know that Blueno and Kalifa are members of CP0 as well. Yes, all the past CP9 members are in CP0 now. However, the masked members of CP0 (including Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy), are called the "Masked Assassins", and are given more specialized orders than the others.

D: I want to eat onigiri made by Robin-chan's beautiful hands. P.N. O-Nebō

O: Me too.

D: I totally agree. P.N. Koppa Mijinko

O: Oh...!! I see. You know, it takes guts to submit a letter like this, and totally gamble on how it'll be used...

D: When little-girl Hancock uses her "Mero Mero Mellow" attack and turns you to stone, will other people accuse you of being a pedophile? They won't, will they? Please tell me I'm still safe!! P.N. Yamaguchi University One Piece Study Circle

O: Those powers work by leaving people vulnerable whenever they feel that the user is cute or pretty. Well, everyone thinks babies and little kids are cut, right? That's enough for the power to turn you to stone. So if one of the people who got petrified happened to be a pedophile, you would not be able to tell that was the reason why. Nobody will know you're a creep... but have fun getting turned to stone anyway!

Chapter 1069, Page 76[]

SBS106 Header 4

D: When eating natto, try lifting the film directly upward. You can reenact the scene in chapter 1060 when the Lulusia Kingdom was destroyed. P.N. Ebi (Romy)

O: I see~! It certainly has that mysterious ray of light feel to it. It feels really sticky... Stop it!! People died in that incident!!!

D: When we see Marine Headquarters G-14 Branch in Chapter 1061, are those balloon-looking things at the edge of the base actually balloons? Did someone attach balloons there for fun? P.N. Taro

O: Yes, they're balloons. The G-14 Branch is located near Egghead. The children who were affected in the Punk Hazard Arc were first seen by Vegapunk, and they've been getting treatment at G-14 since then. Since Marine bases are big, ugly buildings, Vice Admiral Doll had the balloons attached to make things a bit more appealing and reassuring to the children.

D: Oda-sensei, I want to be friends with Marco the Phoenix. Please ask him if it's okay. P.N. WantsaFriend

O: Sure. Marco, what do you say?

Marco: It's cool-yoi.

Chapter 1071, Page 112[]

SBS106 Header 5

D: The automated cooking machine has buttons with cardinal directions like "EAST". Are those for the seasonings of the different regions of the world? What kind of flavoring do they use? P.N. Yoshida

O: Actually, you'll notice that there are a bunch of circular buttons to the sides, but not enough for all 500 dishes the machine can make. That's because when you press "EAST", they all change images to dishes from the East Blue. If you press "WEST", "SOUTH", or "NORTH", the buttons will change to different sets of food. And this machine of dreams can make them all!

D: Hello Oda-sensei. In the SBS Volume 105, you mentioned how you'll draw cleavage shots, but you don't draw panty shots. And yet, since starting the Egghead Arc, I can't help but notice a drastic increase in butt-centric angles. Did you do this specifically for me, knowing that I'm a butt man? P.N. Nikukichi

O: For the "Future Island" arc, I wanted to accentuate a stark difference from modern-day fashion standards and wound up with designs that really showed off the butt. Since I haven't drawn any panty shots before, I realized that I wasn't very good at drawing butts, so I've been studying how to draw them more sexy, and I think I've gotten a lot better at it. It started being fun to me, so now I'm drawing more butt angles! Drawing is fun!

Chapter 1073, Page 146[]

SBS106 Header 6

D: Odacchi! Odacchi! Is no one going to ask what Brook's future will look like? As an afro fan, I can't stand it! Odacchi, please show me the potential of the skeleton afro!

O: Sure.

SBS106 Brook

20 years later, 40 years later
In a different future: 20 years later, 40 years later

D: I would like to know the name of the cat assistant who appears in that one panel in chapter 1065. P.N. Red Cat

Joshu Manga Infobox

O: Are you talking about the assistant cat "Joshu"? It is rumored that it loves to help people, and when you need to jot down a note, it's there with a pen and paper. Some people say he can use Kenbunshoku Haki. It'll even scratch my back when it's itchy.

D: In the conversation between Vegapunk and Sentomaru in Chapter 1069, there's a bit of dialogue that goes, "the man who took you in and saved your life." What sort of background do they have!? P.N. Jushiro Itcha

O: The Marines received a message that wild bears were invading a village on a certain island. Vegapunk accompanied the dispatch force to install a bear repelling system. When the Marines explored the dangerous mountain, they found a young Sentomaru defeating bears in sumo wrestling to become the master of the mountain. When he was young, the villagers abandoned him because he was too violent. Vegapunk was so drawn to the strength of this young and constantly starving boy that he hired him to be a bodyguard. And the rest is history.

Chapter 1074, Page 164[]

SBS106 Header 7

D: I figured it out. About Ryokugyu. In Chapter 905, he said, "I haven't eaten anything for three years!" Is that because Ryokugyu is a forest (tree? plant?) and can use photosynthesis to get his nutrients without physically eating any food?! P.N. Otaki

O: That's right!

SBS106 Aramaki's Tattoo

D: Does the "Shikawa Shinju" ("Double Suicide at Death River") tattoo on Aramaki's chest refer to Yoshio Harada's song "Shinjuku Shinju" ("Double Suicide in Shinjuku")? P.N. Morley

O: He does have a song with that title, but no. As a matter of fact, there is a classic rakugo story called "Double Suicide in Shinagawa", which is what I was paying homage to. Double suicides are often of ill-fated lovers, and Aramaki seems to have some tragic background revolving around women. It would seem this tattoo refers to that.

D: What kind of justice does Ryokugyu advocate for? It seems like he has a strong ideology, so I'm curious! P.N. Polaris

O: Ryokugyu observes "Determined Justice". There were many people who wanted to know Fujitora's justice too, so I'll say it that he follows "Humane Justice".

D: In Chapter 1074, there's a scene where Robin calms down Nami who is angry at Lucci. What kind of conversation were they having?

O: That's a very minor detail to spot. Lucci, of course, was the toughest antagonist in the Enies Lobby Arc, where he tormented Robin. Nami's saying, "You won't mess with Robin again if I have anything to say about it!" While Robin is saying, "Go easy, he's defenseless right now..."

That's all for this volume! See you next time!!

Translation Credits[]

Translated by machine translation, then corrected for grammar. Later adjusted based on translations by VIZ Media.

Translations may have been modified since the original versions.

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