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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 107.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 1077, Page 24[]

SBS107 Header 1

O: Scary!! It's starting... (slump)

D: Today's guest is Odacchi! Hey, did you cut your head off? P.N. Takataka

O: Oh yea, I wanted to clear my head so I cut it off!

SBS107 Vegapunk Bath

Vegapunk in the pool of water

D: When Vegapunk still had his enormous head, how did he wash it? P.N. Takashi-kun

O: Right. He dipped his head in a pool full of scrubfish and they cleaned his head.

D: Is it true that Odacchi has a "Stella" and six "Satellites"? P.N. Nakayu

O: Yes!! From left to right: "York" (Greed), "York", "York", "York", "York", and "York". There are six of them and it's the worst!

SBS107 Imu


D: Could Imu's true appearance be someone with a very pointy mouth? P.N. Nori EZT

O: Ok. I'll just mark this as "read".

D: What is the name of Bonney's Devil Fruit? I know many similar questions have been sent to you but please tell us! P.N. Kuragepan

O: Yes, I've been asked many times and I noticed and thought to myself "I haven't revealed it yet?" She is an "Age Manipulation Human" from the "Toshi Toshi no Mi". For the sake of those who don't read the SBS, I need to mention this in the main story too.

SBS107 Boggy

D: When Luffy met Bonney he called her "Boggy", but he quickly changed it to "Bonney". Is there any particular reason for this? P.N. Machan

O: Indeed, it's featured in the panel on the right, but before that, when Luffy heard that Bonney's father had been turned into a cyborg, he was excited and said "that's cool!" He regretted that, and he called her "Boggy" and was immediately corrected, which made him feel so awkward, even for Luffy, so he will never make that mistake again.

Chapter 1078, Page 40[]

SBS107 Header 2
SBS107 Caribou

Arrow pointing to Caribou's position

D: Hello Oda-san! When Luffy was talking about the end of his dream, Caribou was nearby inside a barrel! Does this mean that Caribou also heard the end of Luffy's dream? P.N. Sena

O: So, a lot of people were bothered by this, but please look at the previous page. It was said in a loud voice but it was barely audible. It didn't reach inside the barrel, so it's okay. It was only the Straw Hat Pirates who heard the end of Luffy's dream!

D: I have a question for Odacchi. My father's head is becoming more and more like an egghead, is there any way to stop it? P.N. Torikeka Sakiko

O: I'm sorry that he's bald! But he's probably getting smarter and smarter, so pay attention to your father's scientific ability! Civilization never stops.

D: Hello Oda-sensei! If the three former and present Admirals were in the real world, what kinds of professions would they have? P.N. Sakuragi

O: I think all five of them would be radio presenters lol! "All Night Nippon of the Three Admirals"! For those who don't know, go and search for it!
Translator's note: Oda is referring to All Night Nippon, a Japanese radio program broadcast from 1 to 5 am.

D: What came out of Brook's eye sockets when he saw Zoro sleeping with Toko and Hiyori? P.N. Yutan

O: True... despite not having eyeballs...!! Because it's black... maybe coffee? Oh, or a black cat? I'll make it a black cat.

Chapter 1081, Page 94[]

SBS107 Header 3

D: In the past, Koby's goal was to become a commissioned officer of the Marines, but now he wants to be an Admiral! Would his rank still rise, even if he's now a member of SWORD, whose resignation documents are already formally submitted? P.N. Hinokuni Toppi

O: Yes. Was the explanation about SWORD a bit complicated? In chapter 1080, Aokiji said "formal submission of documents" and "they can be disavowed at any time". This means, they entrusted their resignation but they are not disavowed yet. In the case of a Marine soldier getting caught and becoming a hostage, the Marines will acknowledge their resignation then and there and say "that guy is not a Marine soldier!" and forsake them. The ones who are fine with this, so they can fight as they please, are the Marine soldiers called "SWORD".

D: Hello Odacchi! Everyone may not realize it, but I'm an adult, so I was shocked! Hibari-chan from SWORD is in love with Koby, right? Right? P.N. Kurubushi Taro

O: "Honoji" (ほの字?)! That's an old expression! 35-year-old Kurubushi Taro! "Honoji" means "in love with". I'm dense and don't really understand.
Translator's note: "Honoji" is an older Japanese word that roughly translates "in love with", specifically referring to a "butterflies in the stomach" feeling. It is the term used in the original question to ask about Hibari's feelings.

SBS107 Kopy-senpai

D: It seems like the SWORD member Hibari has a cute bear plush toy in her backpack. I want to know the details! P.N. Kurubushi Taro

O: So you noticed it! That bear is a lucky charm that Hibari treasures from when she was little. At one time, her life was saved by Koby in a battlefield, but she lost the bear. A few days later, Koby was injured and was severely told off by a superior. In Koby's hand was the bear. He had returned to the battlefield and searched for Hibari's treasure. Hibari was crying and grateful. She secretly named the bear "Kopy-senpai". I'm quite dense, so I don't know if she's "head over heels" for him or not.

Chapter 1082, Page 110[]

SBS107 Header 4

D: To Oda-sensei. Why did you make a character like Kujaku?! We're going to have perverts like Sanada again! I like clean SBS!! P.N. Gomumera no Mi

O: I don't think you'll see perverts because of Kujaku. It's okay! I haven't seen postcards from Sanada this time! Heigakushi visited SBS! cries

D: Please tell me the name of Kujaku's whip. P.N. Kei

O: Hmmm, wait a minute. I have other questions about her whip...

D: I'm curious about the material of Kujaku's favorite whip. If things go well, I'd like her to train me too. P.N. One Piece Consideration Circle

D: Hello Odacchi! I'm Rear Admiral Kujaku, I ate the the Muchi Muchi no Mi and now I can smell whippable bodies. I'll give you some training ♡ and please train me too. P.N. Tomon

O: No, are you idiots?! Even though Sanada isn't here, it's really hot, you guys, the whip, the real steel, and the perverts who want to be whipped have really gathered together!! You guys, whips are scary! Beethoven, used by Kujaku, is made of steel, so it can cut objects such as stone in half. No, don't do it anymore!! You perverts!!

D: It seems that you were researching how to draw a sexy butt. Is it just the female character's butts? What happened to the male characters'?! Pictures?! P.N. Please draw a shower scene of Law

O: Are you threatening me to draw a man's butt?!

D: This is what SBS is all about. P.N. Yutan

O: It's different!!!

Chapter 1084, Page 144[]

SBS107 Header 5

D: Why is Rear Admiral Grus' cap visor so long? P.N. Polaris

O: We go back to the time when he was a kid. Grus was a gloomy kid who always looked down when he walked. This resulted in him bumping into a lot of things. Walls, cows, people, pirates. When he bumped into pirates, he was severely hurt. His mother made him wear a cap with a long visor so he wouldn't bump into what's in front of him anymore. That's why it's long!

SBS107 Pythagoras

Pythagoras and Robocon

D: Hello Oda-san. When I saw Dr. Vegapunk's Pythagoras in chapter 1065, I thought that he looked exactly like Robocon from the tokusatsu show Ganbare!! Robocon, so I thought it may be a reference. Is that the case? P.N. Takumi

O: Oh, you're right! I know this TV show from more than 40 years ago, since I was in kindergarten, lol. When you think of a robot, this is the shape you want!! I remembered this and drew it. By the way, there was a guy named BaraBaraMan, who was Robocon's nemesis. I hated it when he showed up to dismantle Robocon. When I think about it now, I can't help but feel like Buggy's persistence is linked.

SBS107 Jiron

Jiron and Jiron Amos

D: Does the name of the Revolutionary Army's deputy commander of the Northern Army, Jiron, come from Jiron Amos, the main character of Combat Mecha Xabungle? P.N. Tokomon

O: What...!! How do you know Jiron? I think he's also from an anime from about 40 years ago. I remembered that the face was round and tried to draw it. I can also sing. My childhood memories are amazing.

Chapter 1086, Page 178[]

SBS107 Header 6

D: It's a pleasure to meet you, Oda-sensei. I'm happy to be on SBS. I'm getting excited. So I have a question.. (elevator closes) Di~ng. P.N. Yutan

O: .....? Eh... Yes, then let's move on.

SBS107 Iyan'eno Chinode

Iyan'eno Chinode, as drawn in the SBS

D: Oda-sensei, you seem to be a little angry... please tell me the name of the girl who lent Vivi-chan her clothes on the last page of chapter 1074. "I wanted to lend you some clothes," he says as he goes to board the car. P.N. Ari

O: With her life in tatters, both physically and mentally, the person who approached Vivi and lent her clothes was Iyan'eno Chinode (age 24), a reporter in charge of the World Economy News Paper's popular fashion column "Streetcorner Collection". She is a diligent reporter with a fiery personality, and is well-liked.

D: In chapter 1076, Lucky Roux said "Gyahahaha! That's rich coming from you, Beck!! Who do you think he's mad at?!" So... does this mean that it was Beckman who took Kid's arm? P.N. Ehara Ryota

O: Yes, it seems like it! This is the world of pirates, where only the strong ones remain!

D: Di~ng (The elevator opens) The question is... huh? Is SBS over? P.N. Yutan

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