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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 108.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 1089, Page 24[]

SBS108 Header 1

D: Oda-sensei! Would you like to play shiritori? I'll start! So, "Let's start the SBS!!" P.N. Nyarin

O: Uhh... "su"... "su"... "soft-shelled turtle"!! Ahhh!! That ended with "N"!! I lost, damn it! Rather than that, I guess we started!!

T/N: "Let's start the SBS" ends with the character す, pronounced "su". Oda's response, "soft-shelled turtle", starts with the same character, and ends with ん, pronounced "n".

D: What's in the taiyaki in Shirahoshi's hair? Red bean paste? Anko? Custard? P.N. Ebi (Romy)

O: It's anko. And it has butter, so it tastes like Nagoya's ogura toast. I hear it's really good! It goes well with coffee.

T/N: The next question is written with a child's handwriting, rather than the standard print font.

D: Mr. Eiichiro Oda, why are volumes 25 and 105 the same? P.N. Yukihito (age 8)

O: Ah!! It's too bad!! I cut some corners and it fell apart! But... if you think about it, the people I learned from are all the same, so please don't miss them! Thanks for the postcard!

D: What's so erotic about the SBS? (P.N. Yutan)

O: Okay, you, come out.

Chapter 1091, Page 62[]

SBS108 Header 2
SBS108 Garling

Garling with his hair grown out.

D: St. Garling has a unique hairstyle. What would it look like if he kept growing his hair and beard? P.N. Tokomon

O: Yes, like this

Ivankov with the Uo Uo no Mi, Model Seiryu

Ivankov with the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu

D: Odacchi! What would Iva-chan have looked like if he had eaten the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu on God Valley? Hee-haw!! P.N. 420 Rand

O: I see. Fate is a thin line, isn't it? His face. (This will be a spoiler for those who only read the volumes. I'm sorry, but I didn't want to include this ridiculous page in the middle of the story.)

D: Odacchi, I have a favor to ask of you. I was moved when I saw that Roger's favorite sword was called "Ace" in the Vivre Cards. Could personify it? P.N. Muscle Sister

O: What...!! I've received a few of these, but it's not fair. I have no choice but to draw it: the personification of Ace. Well, I really want to draw it looking cool, so I'll draw it in earnest on the next SBS (page 80). It's there, it's there. Now, GO!

Chapter 1092, Page 80[]

SBS108 Header 3
Human Ace

Personified Ace.

O: Yes, this is the personification of Gold Roger's sword Ace. It's quite a big service from me! Truly.

D: Please help me! My girlfriend keeps saying "Nipple Light" and won't stop!!! What should I do? P.N. Kenken Kentaro

O: I've got a few myself!! Shine!!

D: What do you think Kinderella likes about Wapol other than his money? Is it his face? Or his heart? Is it power? P.N. Ge

O: Just money!!

D: Hello Oda-sensei! In chapter 1066, were the people who recovered Ohara's books from the lake the New Giant Warrior Pirates' Hajrudin, Gerd, and Goldberg? P.N. Yū-kun

O: You're looking at it very closely. Yes, that's right. There were many other Giants who came, but the three that you can see, yes. I wonder who the commander was.

Chapter 1094, Page 116[]

SBS108 Header 4
Big Top Blaster Infobox

The Big Top Blaster

D: What is the name of the new Cross Guild ship? P.N. Tomon

O: It's the "Big Top Blaster".

D: Hello Oda-sensei! In chapter 1058, Crocodile says that Mihawk used to be called "Marine Hunter". Does this have something to do with Mihawk joining the Seven Warlords of the Sea? P.N. Yū-kun

O: Mihawk has a past that makes him resent Marines, and he has suffered a great betrayal. So, in the sense that he's lonely, he's in the same category as Crocodile who doesn't trust people, and is already tired of life. I think he joined the Warlords because it was peaceful, at least in the sense that he wasn't chased by Marines... but now that he's lost his place, he's come up with the idea of hiding behind Buggy.

Komakkov Manga Infobox

"Winter Cuisine" Komakkov

D: Mr. Oda, I have a question!! Wanze was the one who made the ramen that Kizaru and the other Marines ate, right? P.N. Yū-san

O: Ehhh!! No way!! You know how he makes his ramen, don't you? It's gross! No, and especially because there's not only an "Admiral" but even an "Elder" on board, they're accompanied by one of Marine Headquarters' Four Head Chefs, "Winter Cuisine" Komakkov. He makes the ramen.

Chapter 1095, Page 132[]

SBS108 Header 5

D: I don't want to upset my stomach, so I have question!! Can you eat the apple from Vegapunk's head? P.N. Kiyohiro

O: Yes, it will upset your stomach.

D: Which pirate crew does the beautiful lady hugging Shanks in chapter 1079 belong to? I want to hug her too. P.N. One Piece Consideration Circle

O: Ah, that's Linaria from the Night Butterfly Pirates. When she was young, her life was saved by Shanks, so she admired him and became a pirate. She is known as "Igniting" Linaria, a person who is quick to set fires. Her catchphrase is "I will follow Shanks ♡".

D: Hello Odacchi! In chapter 872 of volume 87 Morgans says "That's right!! I can't fly!!" Is Morgans a flightless bird from the Mink Tribe? P.N. Odacchi and Sanadacchi stan

O: Yes, there are no bird-like people in the Mink Tribe. They are a humanoid race of furry animals. Morgans is a user of the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Albatross who always stays in his Human-Beast form. What kind of person is he?

D: Is Vega Cola an original flavor created by Vegapunk? Be sure to ask Franky if it's super good! P.N. Yamaguchi University One Piece Study Circle

F: Oh wow! That's the taste of a genius!!

O: It's said to be the taste of a genius.

Chapter 1096, Page 150[]

SBS108 Header 6

D: Hello Odacchi! Good evening! I was reading One Piece and thought of something: when Luffy and his friends fight, they say the names of their moves. Is there a reason for this? P.N. The name of the Caucacus beetle is the Caucacus beetle

O: I see, there are some manga that don't do that. It's really just for children to imitate. For example, Mr. A waves his arms in the distance and says "Gomu Gomu no Pistol!" Although his arm doesn't actually extend, Mr. B, who's far away, pretends to get hit and says "Wow!" This is because they both understand what the "Gomu Gomu no Pistol" is. Otherwise, A would say orya!, and B would say "hm?" There are many ways to entertain readers in manga. Adults should try it at work, too, without being shy.

D: I have a Devil Fruit I came up with after hearing about Odacchi. It's called the Bai Bai no Mi. You can use it to double anything. P.N. Test Score 5 Points

O: Thank you P.N. Test Score 5 Points. If you ate it, you could double your points!! But it still wouldn't be enough!! LOL

Hototogisu Anime Infobox

Vice Admiral Hototogisu

D: Please tell us about the Marine's classroom lectures. I want to know about the female Marine who scolded Garp with "All lives are equal!!!" P.N. Takashi-kun

O: That's Vice Admiral Hototogisu, a subordinate of Vice Admiral Tsuru and a Vice Admiral herself.

Chapter 1097, Page 164[]

SBS108 Header 7

D: Please tell us about the hobbies of the SWORD members Drake-san, Hibari-chan, Grus, Kujaku-san, and Helmeppo. from M. Misa-san

O: It's funny how you refer to them with different honorifics, though I get it, LOL.

X Drake Portrait
Former Rear Admiral Drake
Reptile Mania
Kujaku Portrait
Rear Admiral Kujaku
Making sweets
Prince Grus Portrait
Rear Admiral Grus
Solo camping
Koby Portrait
Captain Koby
Sea fishing
Hibari Portrait
Commander Hibari
Pouch collecting
Helmeppo Portrait
Lieutenant Commander Helmeppo
Food tours

D: To all the World Nobles. I hate you P.N. Kei

O: I get it!! I hate them too!!

D: Hello, Odacchi! Are Kuma's ears hair? Did Ginny tie the cute bear ears for him? P.N. Moe-chan

O: It's his bedhead.

D: Do normal people live on the Pirate Island Hachinosu? P.N. Negizairu

O: No, they're all villains. Ex-criminals run shops. Even though it's lawless, there are still rules for being a villain.

D: Nami, Reiju, and Viola: these three people have something in common. Well, what is it? A hint: it's round and soft! The correct answer is J-cup boobs! P.N. Sanadacchi

O: I see, I'm learning a lot... No, no, no, no, no!! This time it's a serious story, so you can't be the only one. See you next volume!! Wait, Sanada...

Translation Credits[]

Translated by machine translation, and corrected using translations by pewpiece, TheWillOfMarco, and Inumaru08 and translations by Artur - Library of Ohara when available.

Translations may have been modified since the original versions.

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