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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 81.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 807, Page 24

SBS81 Header 1
SBS81 Zoro

D: Heyz!! Odazz!! You're saying nothing but indecent things in your SBS, so even if it's all of a sudden, we students frankly start it!! SBS START!! Odacchi! Odacchi! We want to see Zoro's Baldness. Please do it!! P.N. A Zoro loving child, Misaki (15 years old)


SBS81 Bald Zoro

What's that all of a sudden!! It's on, so I start with a Solo Bows which doesn't make sense!

SBS81 Shirahoshi

D: Please Odacchi!
What is the thing attached to Shirahoshi's head? P.N. Witch child Takkun

O: It's Taiyaki.

D: Please draw a 'kind' Luffy how Fujitora imagines him!! P.N. Peko

O: Sure.

SBS81 Issho
SBS81 Luffy

SBS81 Uhho

D: What is the name of the gorilla by Sengoku's side? Is it a Uhho-kun? Would Uhho-kun be fine? Also, does Uhho-kun like marine okaki? P.N. Hijiki

O:'s the Marines okaki loving... Uhho-kun....

Chapter 809, Page 62

SBS81 Header 2
SBS81 Map

D: Hello. I don't understand the world map of the One Piece world well. "New World" or East/West/South/North Blue or Red Line, I don't know where each of them is located. Every globe-like tool is fine, so explain it comprehensibly. Please keep doing your best. P.N. Caterpillar

O: This...!! Freshness--!! Alright. It's easy to understand. I'm sorry. This has been an ungracious manga it seems. I illustrated the "One Piece World" for all new readers. There are 2 pages at the end of the volume. Please try and skim through them!!

D: Hello Oda-san. This time, there are some characters whose names I'd like to know. First, the 'Doctor' who said "Somebody, we need help here!". Next, The Granny saying "Leave me behind and save yourself!" and finally, her granddaughter. Please tell me their names. That's all. P.N. 'Person'

O: Let's introduce them.

SBS81 Ringana

Tegata Ringana
(Hobby: Guitar)

SBS81 Detamaruka

Dress granny
Shin Detamaruka
(Former dancer)

SBS81 Jaiya

Shin Jaiya
(Wants to be a dancer)

D: I understand most of them, but who has written the autographs in volume 80, page 115 on the left side? -P.N. Please tell me who wrote them

O: Those are of course, the five autographs given to Bartolomeo.

SBS81 Autographs

(From left to right, top to bottom. Row One: Luffy, Zoro, Usopp (To Bartolomeo, silhouette of his profile・Usopp). Row Two: Franky (to brothers star mark FRANKY), Robin (Nico Robin, chicken picture).)

Chapter 811, Page 100

SBS81 Header 3

D: Odacchi-sensei, hello. I was thinking about birthdays for those saying "There is no character I share my birthday with."

SBS81 Birthday 1
  • Viola - April 30th (Sumire, 4 is Sue in Chinese)
  • Gin - April 7th (Atomic number of silver)
  • Miss Valentine - February 14th (Valentine's Day)
  • Miss Father's Day - June 21st (Father's Day)
  • Leo - July 24th (While at the beginning of the horoscope Leo)

So what do you think? P.N. Masao, Whose Birthday is on December 14th (Please think of a character!!)

O: It's fine. You aimed at some missing spot there! Still there is no character with your birthday. (Laughs) I like it, they are all good.

SBS81 Kuina

D: Kuina's birthday is September 17th if you look at it as follows: ku (9) / i (1) / na (7). Right...? That's how it is, right? hm? That's how it is, right—right—right—right—right—right? (Trebol style) P.N. God, Punya, Lighting

D: Odacchi! Hello!! I'm writing about Penguin and Shachi's birthdays of the Heart Pirates.

SBS81 Birthday 2
  • Penguin - April 25th (World Penguin Day)
  • Shachi - April 7th (Shachi "47")

I thought of filling in the blanks in my birthday calendar! P.N. Sami

SBS81 Kyros

D: Oda-sense-i!! Ky(9)ros who has some live together with Rebecca is having a doubly peaceful (22) life now, so September 22nd. Please acknowledge my effort (Laughs). P.N. Chibimaru

O: Yes thanks, though it is also a bit far fetched (laughs). As for filling the calendar, I concluded everything is fine!! Whatever you do, it's a win for you!!

Chapter 812, Page 118

SBS81 Header 4
SBS81 YMGF Ships

D: Oda-sensei!! Hello! In volume 80 chapter 800 you can find that "3Tamaria" and "2Tamaria" is also written on the flag of the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet. Does it display ranks? It is true that Columbus was sailing on the "3Tamaria", right? Furthermore, is the picture of the egg based on the egg of Columbus? P.N. Samurai Ryouta

O: You have good eyes. That's correct, and you understood the egg mark very well (Laughs). That's how it is.

SBS81 Orlumbus

There are three types in Orlumbus' Yonta Maria Fleet. From front to back, there are 50 "Nita Maria" ships, the slightly bigger "Santa Maria" ships with 5 in number, and finally the largest, 1 "Yonta Maria" ship.

SBS81 SHGF Ships

On top of that, there are 1 big "Happosai" and 7 ironclads called "Ipposai" in Sai's Happo Navy.

Cavendish's "Sleeping White Horse of the Forest".

Hajrudin's viking ship Naglfar.

Bartolomeo's that.

Ideo and Leo don't have ships at the moment, Ideo was going back home with Orlumbus' help. This, of course, isn't something you have to remember.

Chapter 813, Page 136

SBS81 Header 5

D: Please tell me the favorite and most hated foods of all the rookies from 2 years ago, with the exception of Luffy and Zoro. Is there a food that Bonney actually dislikes? P.N. Ane-oto

O: I'm going with ① for loved food and ② for hated food.

SBS81 Kid

① Cabbage rolls
② Curry udon

SBS81 Killer

Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino
② Curry udon

SBS81 Apoo

① Tom Yam soup
② Mayonnaise

SBS81 Urouge

① Adzuki beans and pork
② Vegetables

SBS81 Hawkins

① Fortune cookies
② Meat

SBS81 Drake

① Rice with chicken
② Eggs

SBS81 Law

① Onigiri and grilled fish
② Bread and Umeboshi

SBS81 Bege

① Meatballs and tomatoes
② Tomato juice

SBS81 Bonney

① Pizza Margherita
② Carrot

D: I'd like to become such an excellent mangaka like Odacchi. That's where my question comes from. What do I need to draw a manga? Also, please tell me how to draw. I beg you x2. P.N. Iku


O: Wait a minute, "Excellent"? Please say it again, I want to record it. Well, I receive this request quite a lot of times. I don't have much space to explain it here in the SBS corner, but there is a book called "Jump-ryu!" which was published as of late. I may appear or not appear in the book inclusive DVD which records manga works of Jump's authors. To be honest, it was published by a former supervisor of One Piece, "Habuyan", and if it wasn't at the request of that person whose debt I'm in, I originally wouldn't have accepted (Laughs). It contains lots of rare drafts and ideas, on top of that line-up of authors who even I would like to see. So if you're interested, please take a look at it. And to P.N Iku-kun, I'm sorry if it's a little bit expensive.

Chapter 814, Page 154

SBS81 Header 6

D: Odacchi, nice to meet you!! I'm asking about Mr."Master Nekomamushi" who appears in chapter 806, is this originally a song by Chou-san, Brook's voice actor?

SBS81 Brook and Nekomamushi

I'm a big big big fan of Chou-san, so this is something I have on my mind and I can't sleep even if it's past 10 in the night!! Thank you in advance for this matter with Chou-san, too!! P.N. Poo-chanchan

O: Yes. Both Nekomamushi's guise and Brook singing the song are compiled in this comic. Everyone, please search by all means for the video [ネコマムシの旦那に会いに行こう](1番&3番 演奏付き)["Let's go meet Master Nekomamushi" (Please search for her (with 1st & 3rd performances)).] on YouTube. Brook's voice actor, Chou-san, is singing this piece of music! Chou-san's wife, Chouko-san, has written the lyrics and melody. By the way, my interest in the song was caught from the start and many years ago did I tell Chou-san. I asked him "Can I have Brook sing this?". With the willing consent of the couple "Master Nekomamushi" was born, although the atmosphere is a little different due to the story. It will be fun to see Brook sing this piece of music in the anime (Laughs).

D: Oda-sensei, hello. I have counted. Who among the Straw Hat Pirates has become strident the most frequently? I found as follows.

SBS81 Tsukkomu
  1. Usopp (458 times)
  2. Nami (295 times)
  3. Zoro (293 times)
  4. Sanji (246 times)
  5. Chopper (129 times)
  6. Luffy (112 times)
  7. Franky (92 times)
  8. Robin (16 times)
  9. Brook (15 times)

For comparision:

I researched for approximately one month and a half. (Volume 1-80). P.N. Oda-sensei likes big breasts

O: Do you have nothing to do!!! I do!! Yes, that's one time for me... No seriously, thank you for counting. This is interesting, Zoro is at it a lot.

Chapter 815, Page 172

SBS81 Header 7
SBS81 Gambia

D: Oda-sensei, I have a request. Please draw the face of Barto Club's Gambia's "Grandma at Home"!! She surely has a pleasant face. P.N. Aminchi


SBS81 Grandma

Yes, the grandma. To be honest, she isn't related by blood to anyone of the Barto Club. The Barto Club has come to be a large gang, but they originally were a group of rascals who grew up as a childhood friends in rural areas, and increased in size later on. Among them, the elite that loves the Straw Hat Pirates so much leave home and go to sea is made up of the current members. Also she is the grandma from the small-time candy store that was visited a lot by Bartolomeo and the others since they were rascals. She still is supportive of all of them. Ever since then, she helps or doesn't help out with an abundance of useful hints and infomation throughout the adventures of her boys on the sea. (Most of the time she doesn't help)

SBS81 Marine

D: Hello. Maybe it's all of a sudden, but when the Marine (->) was looking for bullets and gunpowder... was he, by any chance, also looking for his own "Balls"? Did he find them in the end? P.N. Keyakibucho

O: CALM DOWN. THEY WERE BOTH OF THEM. Okay, that's it for SBS! See you in next volume!! Movie information and "One Piece's world explanation" are at the end of the book. Look.

Translation Credits

Translated by Oro Jackson Forum user Micchan.

Translations may have been modified since the original versions.

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