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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 88.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 880, Page 24[]

SBS88 Header 1

Katakuri: Eiichiro Oda, you will now say, "SBS begins!!

O:↑ Eeeeeeeh!? How do you know that!? Damnit, someone read my future! I really was going to say that...!! Gulp...

SBS88 Luffy and Wanda

D: Odacchi, Garchu.♡♡ Does this Mink Tribe's greeting, Garchu, comes from Nepalese "Timilai Maya Garchu (I love you)" right? P.N. I want Wanda to Garchu me

O: Yes, that's right. That's exactly right about the Minks.

SBS88 Nami


O: Fine. Next.

SBS88 Carrot

D: Are Carrot and Wanda's boobs furry? Or are they smooth? P.N. Gankuri

O: I see, well since their whole bodies are covered in furry, they would be furry... HEY HEY! STOP IT!! What have you started with this simply perverted question...!! Ah...! Sorry for getting upset. You're not an adult yet.

SBS88 Luffy

D: Odacchi, save me -I recently caught the "If I don't scarf food like Luffy, I'll die disease." from S Hiroto

O: This is what it is-! I want to answer a questions from hilarious kids. Hey Hiroto-kun. Don't eat too much! You run the risk of getting hypoglycemia and by repeatedly overeating there may be a decline in your physical strength and insomnia among other symptoms with the possibility of getting a major disease. Are you feeling stressed by your job? In regards to how you have your meals... I'M SORRY!! YOU'RE NOT AN ADULT YET!! (cries)

Chapter 881, Page 42[]

SBS88 Header 2
SBS88 Drink 1
SBS88 Drink 2

D: Smoothie's squeezed drinks have unimaginable flavors, but there is one I know!! Kirin!! [This is a big Japanese Brewery name, like Budweiser in America, but also the word for giraffe] That's what adults drink. Do you like it Odacchi? P.N. Ryota Ehara

O: That's right! Good job knowing that. In this panel, Stussy says it is tasty and smooth. It's a mystery- how if you squeeze a giraffe, beer comes out of it! I want to gulp it down on a hot day.

D: Who is the panda girl with the split mouth that is Big Mom's subordinate? P.N. OP Girl

SBS88 Galette and Poire

Left: Galette, right: Poire

O: Right. That is the 19th daughter of the Charlotte Family, Charlotte Poire. She has the same father as the Minister of Butter, Galette, and they are twins.

D: Hello, Odacchi!! Please tell us the two commanders, Smoothie and Cracker's age and height!! P.N. Mochi Mochi Donuts

D: Hello! Odacchi!! Ufufufufu... I was immediately taken in by Charlotte Perospero~♡♡ The more I see him, the more I like him...♡♡ Please tell us his height and his favorite/least favorite foods~♡♡♡ (P.N. Charlotte Family Lover)

O: Yes. Here's the answers to those two questions!

SBS88 Perospero

Charlotte Perospero
50 years old
333 cm
Likes: Candy
Dislikes: Peppermint Candy

SBS88 Cracker

Charlotte Cracker
45 years old
307 cm
Likes: Biscuits
Dislikes: Kimchi and Carbonated Drinks

SBS88 Smoothie

Charlotte Smoothie
35 years old
464 cm
Likes: Smoothies
Dislikes: Meat

Chapter 882, Page 60[]

SBS88 Header 3
SBS88 Sanji and Pudding

D: Oda-sensei!!!! He kept his promise.♡ Will you come to the wedding? P.N. Shogo Michibata

O: That's! Everyone, please take a look at this, please. From the volume 58 SBS:↓

D: Oda-sensei~! There's a person who promised to marry me if this was published in SBS, so please publish it.♡ Odacchi, please make me happy♡♡ P.N. Michibatake Shou--
O: Of course. I've published it. To her boy: Keep your promises!

They're getting married!! Thanks to the SBS!? (laughs) I guess it can help people, this Corner. I can't go to the wedding, but congratulations! May your life be filled with happiness~♡ I published your second letter (laughs)

SBS88 Katakuri

D: Katakuri is really an ikemen [handsome, perfect guy]. His model is definitely ME, RIGHT? P.N. Sana Pii (Sanadacchi)

O: Yes. That might be right.

SBS88 Lola and Chiffon

D: Lola & Chiffon are really hags. Their models are definitely my wife, right? P.N. The Inner Woman (Sanadacchi)

O: It'll be good if you're crushed by a single wife. Sanadacchi.

SBS88 Pez

D: Pez is so cute. But our son is cuter. P.N. Sanadacchi

O: Sounds like you're happy after all, good for you!!

Chapter 883, Page 78[]

SBS88 Header 4
SBS88 Charlotte Brothers

Left: Charlotte Katakuri, middle: Charlotte Daifuku, right: Charlotte Oven

D: Oda-sensei, hello! What do you think of Katakuri-san, Daifuku-san, and Oven-san's birthday being November 25 (a play on number pronunciations and such in the phrase "ii oniisan mitsugo" meaning "three good big brothers")? P.N. Sakuragi

O: What do I think, you ask, I don't think anything about! It's fine!

D: If the Worst Generation's rookies had to work in the real world, what would their jobs be? P.N. Neat

D: Hello [in English] Odacchi! In volume 56, you told us what countries the Straw Hat Pirates would come from, but I want you tell us which countries the Supernovas would come from too!!!! If Odacchi is nice, won't you tell us!? (Expectant) P.N. Torakin [Tiger Money/Gold]

O: Fine. I'll answer the two questions about the Worst Generation together! You already know about Luffy and Zoro. I'll put Killer's answer with Kid's picture.

SBS88 Teach

Marshall D. Teach

SBS88 Kid

Eustass "Captain" Kid
Weapons Merchant
(Killer: Pasta Shop)

SBS88 Law

Trafalgar Law

SBS88 Bege

Capone "Gang" Bege
Shoe Shop

SBS88 Apoo

Scratchmen Apoo

SBS88 Hawkins

Basil Hawkins
Interior Designer

SBS88 Drake

X Drake

SBS88 Bonney

Jewelry Bonney
Pizza Shop

SBS88 Urouge

Cabaret Club Manager

This is my proper imagining of them.

Chapter 884, Page 96[]

SBS88 Header 5
SBS88 Katakuri 2

D: Hello, Odacchi! There's something I noticed. Katakuri isn't supposed to eat in front of people, yet in volume 86, in the 3rd panel of the 3rd page of Chapter 861, he eats something. Looking closely, there's a bite mark. P.N. Minamimaru

O: Good job finding that~ (laughs) Yes. It's not that Katakuri doesn't eat in front of people. He doesn't let other people see him eat. Now let me show you.

SBS88 Katakuri Eating

Could you see it!? You couldn't see it. He wasn't born with a split mouth. Actually this speed has a source cause, but... I might reveal that in the main story, I'm still thinking about it.

SBS88 Rook Bege

D: How much to stay at Rook Bege for a night? P.N. Match and Takeshi

O: Since it's inside Bege's body, if he approves, you're in. Just paying won't mean you get to stay.

SBS88 Dorry and Brogy

D: Lately there's been a lot of tall guys, like Katakuri and Doflamingo, coming out one after the other, but about how many meters tall is the shortest Giant? P.N. BENI

SBS88 Linlin

O: Firstly, Big Mom's height, who looks like a Giant, is 8m 80 cm. She's bigger than Whitebeard. On the other hand, the shortest real Giant is 12m, so they are about two heads taller than Big Mom. The full length of a large bus or truck is about 12m or so. Please think of this feeling as if you'd found a giant laying down.

Chapter 887, Page 152[]

SBS88 Header 6
SBS88 Katakuri 3

D: Hello, Odacchi. In chapter 883, you revealed Katakuri's shocking true face, so is it Odacchi's policy to not draw perfect characters? Incidentally, because of this, I feel closer to Katakuri. If he has to carry around such an image, it would really build up stress. P.N. Minamimaru

O: How nice, Minamimaru-kun! Explosive laughter at Katakuri. Explosive laughter! You ask if it's a policy, but perfect people are so boring. People love other people's flaws. (Deep story)

SBS88 Doflamingo

D: Where is the Young Master right now? P.N. Sama Prince

O: Level 6 of Impel Down.

SBS88 Tsuru

D: Did Otsuru-san bring the newspaper to Doflamingo every day because he desired it? P.N. Coo

O: No way, you shouldn't give that kind of service to a single prisoner. But Doflamingo seems to have a lot of acquaintances in the prison. I'm sure he gets his hands on the newspaper from time to time using his cunning hand. Fufufufu!!

SBS88 Lao G

D: Does Lao G rinse? P.N. Suka Junky


SBS88 Luffy and Alvida

? I don't know a beautiful woman like you.

D: What does Luffy consider a 'beauty'? If he called Alvida a beauty, then why he aren't other beauties, like Nami, Robin, and Hancock, considered 'beauties'? P.N. Nrimatomogisu

O: It's true that he indeed called Alvida a beauty. However, when normal people say 'a beauty' they mean it as a compliment, but in Luffy's case, it's just a classification. Luffy understands whether a face is pretty or not, but he doesn't care about that.

Chapter 888, Page 170[]

SBS88 Header 7
SBS88 Carrier Bat

D: Of the One Piece world's mail delivery staff, can the Carrier Bats deliver packages too? Do pirate crews exchange mid and end of year gifts with each other? P.N. Boneless Ham

SBS88 Mail Birds

O: I don't want to see pirates getting along like that. It doesn't happen. Carrier Bats are mainly used as a means of contact by the World Government. For private letters, one can negotiate with a News Coo to deliver it. There's also a private company called "Small Bird Delivery," but they have a small space and short distance. "Albatross Delivery" does long distance, but there's a lot of things they won't deliver. Mail services outside of the government's just aren't that developed. For deliveries between pirates, it's common to use boats. They don't have addresses either, so parting ways with people is heavier than we can imagine.

D: Hello. Oda-sensei. I counted your answered questions (including non-questions) in the SBS. (The drawings and games were omitted). I'm not sure if it's right, but here!!!! 1,199 questions (from volumes 4 to 86) do-don!! How amazing. So do your best going forward to answer things like more "That's a question!?" questions and "serious questions" and "there's an idiot questions" and "Strange (perverted or dirty) questions." [drawn peace sign hand] (laughs) P.N. BLACK Little Brat

O: You counted the number of questions!? Thanks a lot. I've already answered over 1,200 questions, I see. Every time I'm sincerely glad I can talk with all you readers in this corner. I want this to be precious!

SBS88 Chinjao

D: I have a question for you Odacchi! Does Don Chinjao rinse? Hiyahoho hiyahoho P.N. Suka Junky

O: SHUT UP, YOU BASTARD!! Well, that's the SBS until the next volume.

Extra Birthdays[]

For more information on the extra birthday reveals, see SBS#Extra Birthdays.

The following extra birthdays were revealed with SBS 88:

  • P.N. Sakuragi
    • Charlotte Katakuri, Oven, and Daifuku: November 25; 11 from 'ii', 2 from 'ni', and 5 from 'o', meaning "Three good big brothers" (イイお兄さん三つ子, Ī Osan Mitsugo?)
  • P.N. Goemon
    • Kyuin: May 30; Vacuum Cleaner Day
    • Raizo: February 26
  • P.N. Rena
  • P.N. Osenaka-san
    • Buckin: April 12; from Mistress of Whitebeard (しろひげのアイジン, Shirohige no aijin?), since 4-1-2 can be derived from shi-ai-ji
  • P.N. Brook's Brother
    • Jango: December 28; from his pirate epithet "One-Two" Jango (as a pirate) (1・2のジャンゴ, Ichi Ni no Jango?), since 1-2-2-8 can be derived from ichi-ni-ji-ya
    • Sarquiss: July 12; from his epithet "Big Knife Sarquiss" (ビッグナイフ・サーキース, Biggunaifu Sākīsu?), since 7-1-2 can be derived from na-i-fu
  • P.N. Okay
    • Streusen: April 27th; from "World famous head chef" (世にも名高い総料理長, Yonimo nadakai sō ryōri-chō?), since 4-2-7 can be derived from yo-ni-na
    • Charlotte Joscarpone and Mascarpone: February 27
  • P.N. Showlot Senbei
    • Carmel: December 21; from Sheep's House (ひつじのいえ, Hitsuji no ie?), since 1-2-2-1 can be derived from Hi-tsu-ji-i

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