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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 96.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 965, Page 24[]

SBS96 Header 1

D: Let us begin the SBS! By the way Odacchi, I saw a dirty magazine of hot girls over there (Odacchi runs). Alrighty, THE SBS BEGINS!!! P.N. Yuyucchi

O: Hey, hey...!! Why did you arbitrarily write "Odacchi runs"?! Unthinkable! Huff...huff...pant...pant...wait, there was no magazine!!!

D: Heso! A question! Luffy gives nicknames to all sorts of people, however, why doesn't he do so with his crewmates? P.N. Takataka

O: Ah, I see! Well...Luffy's a type of person who, basically, doesn't really care about remembering someone's name, so he'll give people a nickname based on his impression of them whether they like it or not, but with that said, when someone becomes his crewmate, he finally remembers their name. He knows their names, so he calls them by their names. That's really all there is to it.

SBS96 Will of D.

D: A question: I've heard that the "D." stands for "Debeso", is that true? Pen Name: Count Dino

O: Indeed. It really is true!

Note: "Debeso" means protruding bellybutton in Japanese.

D: Oda-sensei! Did you know that February 22 is "National Oden Day" in Japan? It sort of came to me on the spot, but how about making that Kozuki Oden's birthday? P.N. Gomu Mera no Mi

O: Hey choose a character's birthday so nonchalantly like that is... PERFECTLY OKAY...!!

Chapter 967, Page 62[]

SBS96 Header 2
SBS96 Nami

D: Nami likes fruit in general, mikan fruits in particular, but given how oranges are similar to them, both being citrus fruits, does she like them as much? But with that said, I wonder if in the end she just has a special emotional attachment to mikan...please tell me! P.N. Emerald Bunny

O: Mmm! Nami's favorite food is related to her upbringing. You can see it in the "Arlong Arc" depicted in Volumes 7 through 10 of the physical release, but basically Nami grew up on a mikan farm, so they're a type of food that brings back memories of her late mother. That's why even among all fruits she loves mikan in particular. By the way, thank you for the postcard...

SBS96 Nami's figurine

D: Sanadacchi!! I request you to forfeit your Nami figurine collection to me. P.N. Captain Nobuo

O: Hey, hey, hey!! You there, who are you talking to?!! And more importantly, hold your urges! Just when we were talking about something wholesome, at this point I refuse to ever feature Sanada here again.



D: Sorry for the weird question but, being the only female among the Nine Red Scabbards, does O-Kiku-san bathe separately on her own?! P.N. Crying Chushiro

O: Not at all, she bathes together with everyone else. Ever since she was a child, she's always been very social.

Chapter 968, Page 80[]

SBS96 Header 3
SBS96 Shimotsuki Family

Left: Shimotsuki Yasuie, Right: Shimotsuki Ryuma, Bottom: Shimotsuki Ushimaru

D: Odacchi!! A question!! Several characters have appeared with the name Shimotsuki, including Shimotsuki Yasuie, Shimotsuki Ryuma, Shimotsuki Kozaburo and Shimotsuki Ushimaru, but is there a connection with the place Zoro grew up in that bears that exact name, Shimotsuki Village, and Zoro's teacher Koushirou? So given how Zoro said he was taught the term "Sunacchi" by a geezer in his village and how in Volume 92's SBS you revealed how some came to the East Blue, it's starting to make sense! P.N. Yu-kun

SBS96 Sunacchi

Vol. 95, Page 31
Momonosuke:"Zorojuro, I was told not to say the word "Sunacchi".
"This geezer in my village use to say it back in the day... So it was something that I just picked up."

O: Ah, yes. You might have to follow very closely to picture this, but...let me explain! It all starts with Shimotsuki Kozaburo (swordsmith and swordsman)

SBS96 Kozaburo
  1. He forges the "Enma" and bestows it to the heir of the Kozuki Family, Oden.
  2. 55 years ago, he sets out to sea!
  3. He and the samurai of Wano have a grand adventure!!
  4. They make landfall in a certain place in the East Blue.
  5. They save the locals from mountain bandits.
  6. They teach the villagers the way of the sword, who become enamored with swordplay.
  7. They decide to settle there, founding Shimotsuki Village.
  8. His son, Koushirou, is born.
  9. His granddaughter, Kuina, is born.

To put it in other words, who Zoro meant by "a geezer in his village" that he met was actually grandpa Shimotsuki Kozaburo-san himself, who comes from the Wano Country. Oh? Then could that mean...Zoro's lineage...?! Well, the story of Shimotsuki Kozaburo, the samurai who founded Shimotsuki Village, is all I'm willing to share today!

Chapter 969, Page 98[]

SBS96 Header 4
SBS96 Shinobu

D: Odacchi!! You modeled Shinobu-chan after Jane, didn't you? P.N. World Economy News Paper Part-Timer

O: Ah! You thought so?! Because yes, I thought that as well. In reality, I originally modeled her on the character of the comedian Naomi Watanabe-san, who I've always been amazed by. However, midway into designing her, I realized she looked like the trademark character from my mentor Masaya Tokuhiro's "Jungle King Tar-chan" manga, Jane...and since the whole concept of Shinobu was someone who used to be pretty in her youth, I think that's why I was influenced by her! That's what came to mind as I was designing Shinobu.

D: We know Kawamatsu is not a kappa, but a fish-man, but what type of fish fish-man is he? P.N. Gomu Mera no Mi

O: He's a Tiger pufferfish fish-man. However, since he insists on being called a kappa, please do so!

D: Odacchi! I want to see an anthropomorphized version of Brook's blade, the Soul Solid. Like with Mihawk's blade, a female would be preferable. I feel like Brook would be happy if it were female as well. P.N. Odamania's Brother

O: A female, huh. Understood!

SBS96 Soul Solid

Schwing!! Clank!!

Chapter 970, Page 116[]

SBS96 Header 5
SBS96 Spencer

D: Odacchi!!! Who is this young man? Please tell me his name!! P.N. 420Rando

O: Sure. The one who was part of the Roger Pirates, right? There was a massive amount of questions I got regarding the members of the Roger Pirates and while I may only have rough sketches for the most important members of the crew, allow me to showcase them on this page and Page 154!! You don't have to remember these if you don't want to!!

SBS96 Roger Pirates 1

Chapter 972, Page 154[]

SBS96 Header 6

The remaining Roger Pirates are showcased here.

SBS96 Roger Pirates 2

Chapter 973, Page 172[]

SBS96 Header 7

D: Oda-sensei!! Boss Kyoshiro is really cool, isn't he?!! I love him!! I want a figurine of him!! The fact that you made such a character in such a world makes me glad to have been born. Please tell me the Boss's height and favorite food!! P.N. Majo

O: Kyoshiro! You really get it, don't you~? I also feel like I gave it my all in designing him!! I received several questions regarding the Nine Red Scabbards, so you can have everybody's heights and favorite foods. While we're at it, I included Shinobu and Izou as well.

SBS96 Scabbards

Kozuki Oden

382 cm
All types of oden


306 cm
Beef tendon


522 cm
Lasagna and kamaboko


295 cm


287 cm

Ashura Doji

544 cm
Kinchaku mochi


347 cm
Cabbage rolls


271 cm


180 cm


311 cm


511 cm
Bones and chicken wings


192 cm

Indeed. It seems like everyone likes ingredients that are commonly put in Oden.

SBS96 Queen

D: Oda-sensei, hello!! In Volume 93, Queen the Plague said "If I get any thinner, I'll steal all your hearts ♬ So I choose the way I am ♬ So I sing the way I dance, that's FUNK!!", but if we're being honest, would he really be that popular with the ladies if that were the case? I would like to see Queen with a thinner form. P.N. Morimoriman

O: Very well. Fat fellows are more charming, wouldn't you say! The SBS ends here! Until next time!!

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