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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 97.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 976, Page 44

Chapter 977, Page 62

D: Please tell me the names and heights of the Oniwabanshu members! P.N. Crying Kyoshiro

O: Sure thing. Don't worry if you can't memorize them. I threw in their special attacks too for good measure.

D: Orochi has two really long teeth, doesn't that make it hard to eat? Please ask him for me!

O: Indeed, let's ask him.

Shogun Orochi, how is it?

Orochi: Not a problem at all! Chomp chomp chom--ouch!! See!?

O: Not at all, it seems!

Chapter 978, Page 80

D: Odacchi, a question! Who has the bigger head, Fukurokuju or Vice Admiral Strawberry? P.N. KaiKai

O: Look and see for yourself. It's Vice Admiral Strawberry. It's said that his head grows more every time he gets sad.

D: Lately we've seen many swords in their human forms. I'd like to see Luffy's straw hat in human form as well! P.N. Akimasa

O: Alright, a new request. Since I'm a master at anthropomorphizations. Here it is, even with the cut it got from Buggy ages ago!

SBS97 Straw Hat.png

D: Oda-sensei!! I have a question. Why is the current Wano Country being deceived about the truth of the Kozuki Family? Thanks to Shinobu the misunderstanding should have been cleared, so...?

O: Those who believed in the Kozuki Family have been persecuted by Orochi and Kaido. Meanwhile, children were educated through deceptive "brainwash education". "Pressure", "brainwashing", these things are causing all sorts of problems even in the present-day world. Frightening, isn't it!

Chapter 979, Page 98

D: Oda-sensei, the other day I ate the Muzu Muzu no Mi, Model: Kokan. It's really itchy. P.N. Emu Delusion

O: Ooookay. Got it. Moving on.

Note: Muzu Muzu no Mi, Model: Kokan translates to "Itchy Itchy Fruit, Model: Crotch".

D: Here is the red-hot iron that you ordered. Stage Name: Kawata Shime

O: Oh, so it's finally here! Winter is no more! Red-hot iron! Grabbing a bite of it seems like a good idea, right? Here we go! AAAAAAAHHH!!! So hot.

Chapter 981, Page 136

D: Oda, I heard that a few months ago it was discovered that Page One's fruit model, the spinosaurus, actually swam in the ocean! I'm telling you this now, so you can-- wait, what!?!? You had already fixed it on Chapter 983 to a tail with fins!?! Oh, c'mon! When I finally had some news to give... P.N. Yuchabin

O: Oh, so you noticed it? Indeed, since Page One's introduction, they found a fossil part that is thought to be from a spinosaurus. And that changes his bone structure! I was caught in a bit of a pinch, but I thought I could sneakily change it and no one would notice, lol. Paleontology is making new discoveries every day!

D: The next person to join the Straw Hat Crew is actually me. P.N. Momo Daifuku

O: Wait, really!? Such confidence... well, you are 12 after all...

D: Rules are getting harsher all over the world, but I'm very grateful that there's no such thing here. By the way, is it okay if I sniff Nami's used towel? Her ninja outfit is so small, I worry about her. (P.N.: Sanadacchi)

O: Sanada!! Guards, come quick! Why did you let him in? Haven't I told you to kick him out already? There *ARE* rules here! One perv comment and you're out! This is a family corner here! Now begone, you!

Chapter 982, Page 154

D: Odacchi, pleased to meet you! The introduction of the Tobiroppo in Chapter 978 was so cool, I just had to write in! I'm sure many are asking the same question, but please, could you spare us the height, age, and favorite food of each of the Tobiroppo? P.N. Youki Genia

O: Yeah, I guess. They have sure become a fan favorite, the Tobiroppo. Gotta give what the people want. But please show some love for Queen too!

  • Who's Who: 336 cm, 38 years old, crab paella
  • Black Maria: 820 cm, 29 years old, mitarashi dango
  • Sasaki: 318 cm, 34 years old, asparagus
  • Ulti: 173 cm, 22 years old, twisted fries
  • Page One: 171 cm, 20 years old, nachos
  • X Drake: 233 cm, 33 years old, chicken rice

D: In Volume 96 you introduced the main members of the Roger Pirates, and one character in particular you called Nozdon, but he had already been introduced in Blue Deep as Seagull. Now I can only think of him as Seagull... what do I do? P.N. Marine Captain Tobbi Ota

O: Wait, what?! ....ohh, him? Ahh, heheh. Seagull Guns Nozdon, you mean? Yes, yes. Y-You can call him by whichever name you prefer... or even forget him outright. It's up to you.

Chapter 983, Page 172

D: Can Gifters change at will between their human and animal forms? Or does it depend on the fruit? P.N. Kenkichi

O: It depends on the fruit. SMILEs are human-crafter Devil Fruits, so they're all sorts of unstable. Although all of them get the power of beasts, some of them get stuck in that form and have to put up with it (such as quarreling with a lion on their belly, or being eaten by a hippo). Some SMILE users get really powerful transformations, but it's really a gamble.

D: What!? Nobody wants to see Sanji in his 40's and 60's? Well, I get to ask now! Please draw what Chopper would look like in the future! P.N. 420-Land

O: Are you ready? Here it is:

SBS97 Chopper.png

  • Leave it to me!
  • Here it is, this will work on whatever you have.

A future where "something" happens

  • Straw Hats? Don't you dare mention that name again to me!
  • Bring in the sacrifice, now!

O: The SBS ends here! Until next time!

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