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This is the collection of SBS sections from Volume 99.

  • D (Dokusha means Reader)
  • O (Oda)

Chapter 995, Page 24[]

SBS Vol. 99 Header 1
SBS99 OP1000

D: Sensei, congratulations on reaching 1000 chapters of One Piece. This volume will include Chapter 1000 within it. So there's only one thing I could say: LET THE SBS BEGIN! – P.N. Goemon

O: Aw man… Thank you so much. 1000 chapters huh, this volume truly contains such a memorable occasio… IT'S ALREADY STARTED?!!

SBS99 Pie

D: Odacchi, do you know how the symbol "π" is read? It's read like "pie"! Then, please read this sentence: O-NAMI'S OPπ ARE THE BEST – P.N. Sanadacchi

O: DAMN YOUUUU!! SANADAAAA!!! Come on man… at a time like this… when I was being congratulated for reaching 1000 chapters!! Furthermore, what's up with this bust of a start to an SBS!! It's become about busty opπ!! Will you ever shut up?!!! Sigh, how I wish the PTA liked me.

D: In SBS Volume 98, you revealed Kaidou's devil fruit name, but could you please tell us here the name of Eustass Kid's devil fruit?! – P.N. Takumiso

O: Jiki Jiki no Mi (Magnet Magnet Fruit) Oh…? I didn't mention it before, huh. It allows one to freely manipulate metal with magnetism. I should've mentioned it somewhere within the main story. Next time I'll draw something about it.

D: I have the request of a lifetime. Please let Sterry sit on the Empty Throne. – P.N. Seito

O: No.

Chapter 996, Page 42[]

SBS Vol. 99 Header 2

SBS99 Clima-Tact

D: Odacchi! Heso! Please draw Nami's Clima-Tact in anthropomorphized form! Asking in the name of all fans of Nami-san. – P.N. Tsubocchi

O: Sure. Here you go!

SBS99 Usopp

D: When Usopp was rescued by Komachiyo and O-Tama he said "ODEDODADEDADODODODDEBU!" (Chapter 996), but could he perhaps have intended to say "Ore o dareda to omotteru!" ("Who do you think I am?!")? For the moment being though, I'm just glad Nami is safe!! – P.N. Yana

O: Incredible!! Good job on deciphering it, you are correct~~!! Lmao

D: When Kaidou eats fish, does he eat their skin too? – P.N. Ebi

O: He'd say he thinks the skin is tastier. When at a table with others, usually things go like this: "Hey man… can you skin me this fish" and he'd be like "Of course! Here, I ate its scales for you! WORORORO".

D: Odacchi, good evening. Among the Straw Hats, who cuts someone's hair when it grows too long? – P.N. Pumpkin

O: There's three of them who are pretty good at cutting hair, so whenever someone's in need they'll ask them. The three in question -> Usopp, Sanji, and Nico Robin.

D: About O-Toko's mom, or in other words Yasuie's wife, what type of person was she? Is she still alive? – P.N. Goemon

O: Long ago, Yasuie used to be married without any children, but after he lost his wife he remained single. After losing to Kaidou and surviving, he found a little baby at Ebisu Town. That baby was Toko. O-Toko does not yet know that they are not connected by blood.

Chapter 997, Page 60[]

SBS Vol. 99 Header 3

D: I want to know how each of the Straw Hat Pirates like their fried eggs! Do they like them boiled and cut in half, do they like them salty… etc. – P.N. Odamania

O: I see… What a fun question–! Let's find out!

SBS99 SH Egg


  • Sunny side up, almost raw
  • With mayonnaise


  • Over easy, slow-cooked
  • With shoyu


  • Sunny side up, coddled
  • With orange sauce


  • Over easy, coddled
  • With ketchup


  • Over easy, coddled
  • With karakuchi sauce


  • Over easy, slow-cooked
  • With syrup


  • Sunny side up, steamed
  • With black pepper


  • Over easy, slow-cooked
  • With butter shoyu


  • Sunny side up, coddled
  • With ketchup


  • Sunny side up, steamed
  • With salt

D: Jinbe-san!! Congratulations on officially joining the Straw Hat Pirates! I was waiting for you!! Please tell us all the detailed character info for him that was given in the previous SBSes for the other 9 crew members!! – P.N. Yashirai

O: Sure. The letter also included all that I need to answer. It's all the details I've given about Luffy and the others up until now. His favorite foods was already revealed in One Piece's Vivre Card databook are mozuku seaweed in vinegar and fruits.

Beyond those, here's the rest:

  1. Least Favorite Food: Parfait (because it's hard to eat)
  2. Associated color and number: Ochre, 10
  3. Position in the crew if they were a family: Father (so far Franky was the father, but he's now been relegated to be the pervy granny, which Jinbe is officially the father)
  4. Smell: Smells like sea
  5. Associated Prefecture: Kagoshima
  6. Associated Country: India
  7. Associated Animal: Bear
  8. Cooking Specialty: Bonito Tataki (Japanese fish dish)
  9. Sleep and Wake Up Time: from 3AM to 9AM
  10. What goes on in his brain: →
    SBS99 Jinbe's Mind

    Virtue, Virtue, Fist, Water, Wiseness

  11. Profession if he wasn't a pirate: Train station attendant
  12. Does he chew or swallow ice: Swallows
  13. Favorite Season: Autumn on a summer island
  14. Associated Flower: Peony

Chapter 1000, Page 116[]

SBS Vol. 99 Header 4
Yamato's Sideboob Personified

D: Please anthropomorphize everyone's beloved Yamato's sideboob!! – P.N. Yashirai

O: Sure~, anthropomorphization is my specialty~……. AS IF!! An anthropomorphized sideboob he says!! (I still wanted to give it a shot) Honestly, geez… I received a disturbing amount of postcard asking for Yamato's sideboob or his bare breasts! Come on guys, we're almost at volume 100! Stop using your postcards for such depraved requests! Since when have they all been like this?!!

D: Odacchi! Please tell us the age, height, and favorite food of Yamato! – P.N. Pumpkin

O: Sure~ A very straightforward question~ Since you asked, here's the answers:

  • Age is 28 years old (was born on the same year as Momonosuke)
  • Height is 2.63m (about twice as tall as Luffy)
  • Favorite Food is, of course, Oden. However, he also really likes salmon by biting into it raw.
SBS99 Color Spead

D: Oda-sensei, hello. Congratulations on reaching 1000 chapters!! By the way, was the color spread of Chapter 1000 made to look the same like the color spread for Chapter 100?! When I realized, I had non-stop goosebumps!! – P.N. Kino-san

O: That's exactly right~! Those who have been reading for a long time might've noticed, but those who joined along the way might have not realized. I tried to match them both as a commemoration.

SBS99 Roger

D: In Chapter 966, Roger and Rayleigh said as they were holding up Momonosuke and Hiyori “I haven't spent time with a baby in ages!!” and “Reminds me of the old days”, but in those old days, whose baby did they spend time with?! It doesn't seem like there's any women aboard Roger's ship so… – P.N. Hakudeiino

O: …eh? They said that? That's just… (sweat) J-just skip that bit!! It's nothing to worry about, nothing to worry about! Fyuu~ Fyuu~ (whistle noise)

Chapter 1001, Page 134[]

SBS Vol. 99 Header 5

D: Odacchi, in Chapter 978, there's a Gifter with a giraffe devil fruit yelling “FUNK!” at the Live Floor, who is a different person from both Kaku and the Headliner Hamlet, so could it be that SMILEs can produce users of many different types? Particularly, does it matter if there already is a “natural” (assuming they're natural) devil fruit user of that animal? – P.N. Tarou in the Dark

O: Sure. Ehm… SMILEs are Artificial Devil Fruits, so they're completely different things from regular Devil Fruits. To put it roughly:

So in other words, they aren't related to the real devil fruits. That's why Gifters with the same animal exist and why ability users for “Logia”, “Paramecia”, or “Mythical Zoans” cannot appear, since lineage factors can only be extracted from already existing organisms. This is Caesar's limit as a scientist. However, the genius scientist Vegapunk might… or might not have been able to research beyond that boundary.

D: Odacchi! Please tell us why the Kumo Kumo no Mi and Mushi Mushi no Mi are different. – P.N. Ootsukishun

O: “Insect” fruits fall into the Mushi Mushi no Mi category. Spiders aren't insects, so they instead fall into the Kumo Kumo no Mi category.

Chapter 1002, Page 152[]

SBS Vol 99. Header 6

D: A question for Oda-sensei! Among the designs of the SMILE fruit users, please tell us who are your top 3! – P.N. Tarou

O: I see. Man, the SMILE fruit users sure have some funny designs~! Don't you think they look dumb? It's really hard to pick a favorite…!

SBS99 Speed

Right then, number 3 is Speed! It's gotta be Umami-chan. When you think of a centaur, you usually think of a muscular beefy guy, so I wanted to make this one a sexy girl, but I felt that wouldn't be possible with horse-like legs, so by making the thighs look more human-like, they made her look more beautiful, though her laughing face is like that of a horse. It's so gap moe.

SBS99 Hamlet

Number two! The face of how to grow your fruit in a weird way, it's Hamlet!! His giraffe is always trembling and struggling to remain standing, yet despite having become a failure of a living creature, his speech is brimming with a noble prince-like confidence. You just can't help but love him.

SBS99 Holed'em
SBS99 Future Robot Daltanious
SBS99 Daltanious

And finally, number 1 is…!! With a lion in his belly, it's Holed'em! It's no exaggeration to say that SMILEs originated from wanting to draw this guy. A long while ago, there was this robot anime called Future Robot Daltanious. There a lion robot and a humanoid robot would transform and dock together, becoming a robot with a lion face on its chest!! It's something I also loved as a child because of how cool it was. I always thought "How I wish I was made of chōgōkin robot alloy so I could transform just like him~!", so my longing came into form here!! Haha… oh, talking about this I remembered, I also really loved this centaur robot called Daibajin, so I wonder if that's why I like Umami? Yeah, SMILEs are all like dockable robots!! So cool!!

Chapter 1003, Page 170[]

SBS Vol. 99 Header 7

D: What type of hairstyle would be called Kozuki Oden's hairdo? Is it "The just perfect fit for the pillow of the Wano-Countrydo"? – P.N. Tarou in the Dark

SBS99 Oden Sleeping

O: It's a perfect fit for the pillows of the Wano Country indeed! Haha! Japanese culture is really fascinating, did you all know of the times when everyone had tied hair? Since everyone tied their hair on the upper side with topknots and whatnot, they had pillows like these. I remember my granny used one like this.

SBS99 Oden Concept

Anyway, his original concept had a head like this. The top of his head was in the shape of a konnyaku, an egg, and a ganmodoki (all ingredients that are usually put in skewers of Oden), but only the ganmodoki remained! In other words, it's called an Inokori-ganmodoki-doki-doki-doku-toku-mage, or an “Overtime Ganmodoki Heart-throbbing Super-duper Uniquedo”.

D: A question for Odacchi… or rather, a suggestion!! A while ago, you made a "Voice Actors SBS" where people could ask the voice actors questions, right? Then, I think that Katsuhisa Hōki-san, the voice actor for the newest addition to the Straw Hat Pirates, Jinbe, should also get to do it, what do you think? – P.N. Pitterer

O: Oooh, that sounds nice~. That was a really long time ago lol. From Vol. 52 where it started with Luffy's VA Mayumi Tanaka-san to Vol. 64, the Straw Hat VA Corps did 9 SBSes total. So, we'll be taking questions for Katsuhisa Hōki-san, voice actor of Jinbeee~!! He's a really cool old dude who's a bit of a dandy just like Jinbe! Ask away!!

Right then, today's SBS ends here!! Next time, it's Vol. 100~!!


NewWorld - Artur from The Library of Ohara.

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