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SWORD is the Marine Headquarters Secret Special Force (機密特殊部隊 Kimitsu Tokushu Butai?) seemingly led by X Drake. Their overall mission and objectives are currently unknown.[2]


Their operations involve undercover missions to monitor Four Emperors activity. Koby and X Drake were shown contacting each other to discuss urgent developments. SWORD uses code words to verify secure channels.[2]

They are not informed of Cipher Pol's operations and their covert activities.[2]


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X Drake


Although the current strength of the group is unknown, the accomplishments of its members are notable.


Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

Drake informs Koby about the events in Wano.

X Drake contacted Koby from Wano Country to debrief him on the progress of an unknown mission. He also updated Koby on Kaidou and Big Mom's alliance. Drake revealed that CP0 was also present in Wano, to which Koby reacted with shock and foreboding.[2]


  • Their name, SWORD, contrasts them with CP0, whose full name is Cipher Pol Aigis Zero. The word "Aigis" comes from the word "Aegis", meaning "Shield" in ancient Greek.
  • SWORD's method of sending Marine agents to infiltrate notable pirate crews is similar to when Commander Donquixote Rosinante infiltrated the Donquixote Pirates under Fleet Admiral Sengoku's orders until he was killed by the crew's captain and his brother, Doflamingo, though it is unknown if there is a connection between them.


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