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Sada is a Marine warrant officer who is stationed at the 153rd Branch in Shells Town. She only appears in the live-action series.[1]


Sada is a pale-skinned woman of average size with red hair that is tightly bound up into a bun. She wears the standard Marine uniform and cap.[1]


Sada is a diligent Marine who guarded the base library against those who did not have sufficient rank to be there.[1]


Romance Dawn Arc[]

When Nami disguised herself as a Marine and entered the 153rd Branch library, Sada confronted her as she did not have clearance to enter. Nami claimed she was looking for a map to the Grand Line on Morgan's orders, and Sada checked with Ukkari to verify this. It turned out Nami had stolen her uniform from Ukkari, and he quickly recognized her, forcing Nami to take down the duo with her staff and escape.[1]


  • Sada is currently the only known character in any One Piece media to hold the title of Marine Warrant Officer.


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