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Saikyo Jump (最強ジャンプ, Saikyō Janpu?, literally "Strongest Jump") is a monthly manga magazine published by Shueisha. It mainly serializes various spin-off series of popular franchises, including One Piece. The magazine is also known for including various appendix items such as collectible cards, posters, and special volumes.


The magazine initially started as a joint extra issue bundled with Weekly Shonen Jump and V Jump. It was released quarterly as winter, spring, summer and autumn 2011 issues. After this, it became an independent monthly magazine from its January 2012 issue to the September 2014 issue, when it switched to a bimonthly release. This continued until the September 2021 issue, when it became a monthly release once more.[1]



In the January 2012 issue, released on December 3rd, 2011, Eiichiro Oda's mascot for the magazine was announced and revealed.[2] It was named Pharaon (ファラオン, Faraon?)[3] in the February 2012 issue.[2]

Serialized One Piece Spin-Offs[]

Title Author Premiere Issue Final Issue
Chopperman: Go Go! Everyone's Chopper-sensei Hirofumi Takei Winter 2011 Autumn 2011
Chopperman Hirofumi Takei January 2012 February 2014
One Piece Party Ei Andō January 2015 November 2019
Chin Piece Yoshikazu Amami July 2018 May 2020
Fischer's x One Piece - Search for the 7 Treasures Semimaro Aburakouji September 2018
One Piece School Sohei Koji September 2019

Appendix Items[]

Throughout Saikyo Jump's release, it has included six One Piece bonus volumes.

Title & Issue Cover Title & Issue Cover Title & Issue Cover
Volume Strongest Volume Strongest Volume Zoro Volume Zoro Volume Spin-Off Volume Spin-Off
September 2017 May 2018 November 2018
Volume Wano Country Volume Wano Country Volume Stampede Volume Stampede Volume Chopper Volume Chopper
July 2019 September 2019 October 2021

Cover Gallery[]

Having had a series running near-constantly throughout Saikyo Jump's history, One Piece and its spin-offs have featured on a number of its covers.

Saikyo Jump tends to spotlight one series on the issue of each issue, leading to many covers functioning similarly to Shonen Jump's lead covers, though this is not universal.

2011 2012 2013
Winter (One Piece)
Autumn (One Piece)
January (One Piece)
February (Chopperman)
June (One Piece)
July (One Piece)
January (One Piece)
February (One Piece)
July (One Piece)
2014 2018 2019
January (One Piece)
April (One Piece)
May (One Piece) March (One Piece)
September (One Piece)
2021 2022 2023
January (One Piece School)
March (One Piece, One Piece School)
September (One Piece School)
October (One Piece School)
March (One Piece School)
September (One Piece School)
January (One Piece School)
April (One Piece School)
October (One Piece School)
April (One Piece School)
May (One Piece School)


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