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The sakazuki (or "sake cups"), refers to a formal ceremonial process in which two or more individuals form a bond akin to that of family in an exchange of sake cups.


Pirates appear to perform sakazukis when establishing a fleet.[2][3][4] It is also to be used by the yakuza of Wano Country.[5]

Three types of sakazuki have been featured so far:

  • Brothers' Sake Cups (兄弟盃 Kyōdai Sakazuki?) - used during a formation of a brother-brother relationship.
  • Parent-Child Sake Cups (親子の盃 Oyako no Sakazuki?) - used during a formation of a parent-child relationship.
    • Followers' Sake Cups (子分盃 Kobun Sakazuki?) - used during a one-sided pledge of loyalty.

Brothers' Sake Cups are performed between equals, signifying a relationship like that of brothers. Parent-Child Sake Cups are usually performed between a superior and their subordinate, to signify a parent and child relationship.

After all individuals involved have sake poured in their respective cups (with the largest cup in the possession of the leader in the event of Parent-Child Sake Cups) they make an oath or perform a toast before drinking from the cup, swearing themselves to each other.[3] It also seems that the individuals get to keep their respective cups, and when one party returns it, it signifies cutting ties with the other person.[4]

In One Piece episode A, a formal Oyako-Sakazuki is performed, where several other positions are revealed. The sakazuki included an overseer, who acted as a master of ceremonies, a cupbearer, an observer and a witness, though the purpose of the following three positions in the ceremony is not expanded.


Brothers' Sake Cups

For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 585.
  • Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace, and Sabo - In order to reinforce their bond, Ace, having heard that in order to become brothers they only needed to share some sake, stole some from his foster mother, Dadan, and together with Sabo and Luffy performed an informal Kyoudai-Sakazuki.[1]

Parent-Child Sake Cups

Followers' Sake Cups

For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 800.

Real World applications

In the real world, sakazuki is an ancient formal Japanese ceremony in which individuals become family through an exchange and toasting of sake. The most common application in the present day are wedding ceremonies, when a wife marries into a man's household.

Kyoudai-Sakazuki and Oyako-Sakazuki are frequently used by Japanese underworld organizations' referred to as yakuza.

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