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The Salamander was the ship used by Gasparde Pirates. It was Gasparde's Marine ship which he stole and modified.[1]


The Salamander was a very large steam-powered ship. Originally a Marine ship, Gasparde modified it to suit his own pirate tastes. The ship was gold colored with a colossal Gilded Dragon Prow on the bow, two large masts and many cannons. Its main propulsion was two colossal paddle wheels and a large steam engine. As a sign of his defection from the Marines, he had their symbol crossed out on the sail.[1]



When Gasparde was still a Marine officer, the Salamander served as his ship. He eventually defected, and took the ship with him and modified it to serve his new taste in piracy, and abducted several citizens from his plundered locations to work in the boiler. The ship partook the Dead End Race tournament multiple times, where pirates raced on a specialized course on their ships, with the Gasparde Pirates winning every time by rigging the contest.[1]

Dead End Race

During the Salamander's final voyage in the Dead End Race, Shuraiya Bascùd revealed his ruse for joining the crew, and battled against Needless. Ignoring his captain's orders not to harm the ship, Needless causes some damage to the vessel during their battle. When Needless was defeated and Monkey D. Luffy challenged Gasparde, their battle caused more damage to the Salamander, with Luffy even tearing off a mast to throw at Gasparde. During the battle on deck, Biera overloaded the steam engine, causing it to blow, crippling the ship. A typhoon came in, and, as the battle between Luffy and Gasparde nears its end, the latter notes that only the winner can escape on the lifeboat. Gasparde was ultimately sent into the typhoon and the Salamander was destroyed by it.[1]


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