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Samurai are a class of warriors in Wano Country.[2] Although the title is typically applied directly towards swordsmen, it can also be used as a generic term for all Wano Country warriors, including ninja and sumo wrestlers.[3]


The samurai of Wano Country are said to be so strong that Marines do not go near them.[2] Fleet Admiral Sakazuki himself noted the potential danger of the samurai, and thus decided not to send Admiral Kizaru to Wano Country.[4]


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Shimotsuki Ryuma  Izo Kin'emon Kurozumi Kanjuro Inuarashi
Kozuki Oden  Kukai Kikunojo Denjiro Ashura Doji
Kurozumi Orochi  Kawamatsu Kozuki Momonosuke * Hyogoro Hotei
Mimawarigumi Shimotsuki Ushimaru 
Raizo Tama * Shinobu Fukurokuju Daikoku
Fujin Raijin Hanzo Chome Jigoku Benten
Bishamon Yazaemon Kazekage Sarutobi ?????
Urashima Jibuemon Nekomamushi

Social Status

The samurai class (士族 shizoku?, literally meaning "Warrior Family") have high social status in Wano Country. Under Kurozumi Orochi's corrupt rule, anyone of samurai class may order or kill the lower class without legal repercussions, whether it is to retain their honor or for their self-serving reasons.[5] For a lower class citizen to be married into the samurai class is considered an honor and it would be an insult to the samurai's honor if said lower class refuses the proposal.[6]

20 years ago, the Kozuki Family was known as one of the highest of the samurai classes, having not only existed for centuries in the country, but also having ruled the country as well, until the family was executed in an attack by the current Shogun of Wano Kurozumi Orochi and the Emperor Kaido.

Certain samurai who do not have any affiliation within the traditional samurai classes or families are known specifically as ronin (浪人 rōnin?, literally meaning "drifter" or "wanderer").[7]



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