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San Faldo is one of the island cities in Paradise connected to Water 7 via the Sea Train. It is known as the "Carnival Town" (カーニバルの町 Kānibaru no Machi?).[1]

It is known to provide iron to Water 7.[2]


San Faldo was connected to Water 7 fourteen years ago with the Sea Train to help with trade, which was very weak at the time due to pirate attacks on merchant ships.[1]

During the Straw Hats' stay in Water 7, Nico Robin mentions that there was a costume party taking place in San Faldo.[3]


San Faldo advertisement.

  • An advertisement for San Faldo's carnivals was included in the supplementary Grand Times No. 1192 Issue (One Para 2). The advertisement claims that carnivals and holiday festivies happen every day in the city.


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