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Sandayu[2] is a bodyguard who worked for the oiran Komurasaki.[1]


Sandayu is a man of medium height with hard features, thick sideburns, hairy arms, and curly brown hair gathered into a topknot. He wears a dark turquoise kimono with a pattern of green circle and white tasuki. Sandayu also wears a pair of simple sandals.[1]


Sandayu showed himself to be a rather brave and determined person, showing vigilance and good reaction when three man attacking Komurasaki.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Not much is known about his abilities, but Sandayu was skilled enough to be assigned to guard Wano's most famous oiran.


Sandayu has proficient skill in using a naginata as he used it against Bingo, Bungo and Bongo.[1]


Wano Country Arc

Sandayu noticed Bingo, Bungo and Bongo coming toward the oiran's procession and proceeded to use his weapon to injure the three men. He then warned the three to stay away from the oiran as they laid on the ground.[1]

Major Battles

Anime and Manga Different

In the manga, Sandayu uses a naginata to slay three opponents at once, knocking them down. In the anime, he first hits Bungo in the side, punching him into the wall of the house, then hits Bingo, and then drops Bongo to the ground and hits him on the back with a naginata shaft.


  • Sandayu's given name may be a reference to the famous ninja Momochi Sandayu.
  • In the closing credits of Episode 921, Sandayu is referred to as a "subordinate" (部下 buka?).


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