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Sanshoku Island ("Three Colors Island") is one of 34 islands surrounding Whole Cake Island as part of the Big Mom Pirates' main territory known as Totto Land. It is run by Charlotte Chiboust, the Minister of Mix (ミックス大臣 Mikkusu Daijin?).[1]


Mix Town

Mix Town (ミックスタウン Mikkusu Taun?) is a city situated on the island.[1]



Less than 62 years ago, Sanshoku Island became part of the Big Mom Pirates territory also known as "Totto Land", and its appearance was changed to its current look using Charlotte Linlin's Soru Soru no Mi and Streusen's Kuku Kuku no Mi.

Charlotte Chiboust was then appointed the minister in charge of this island.[1]


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