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Sapoten Graveyard,[2] also known as Cactus Rock (サボテン岩 saboten iwa?, English versions: Cactus Rocks)[3] is a graveyard located on Whisky Peak. The large, cactus-like appearance of Sapoten Graveyard makes it a notable landmark of Cactus Island.

Known Buried PeopleEdit

  • Mr. Sacrifice
  • Mr. Ekusonhok-Adu (Anime Only)
  • Mr. Ihsakat-EkiihsoY (Anime Only)
  • Mr. Imuzak-Akoijuf (Anime Only)
  • Mr. Lyu-Manas (Anime Only)
  • Miss Okohsim-Eda (Anime Only)


Sapoten Graveyard Sign
Sapoten Graveyard's official name revealed.
Mr. Sacrifice's Gravestone
Mr. Sacrifice's gravestone.
Ekusonhok-Adu's Gravestone
Mr. Ekusonhok-Adu's gravestone.
Ihsakat-EkiihsoY's Gravestone
Mr. Ihsakat-EkiihsoY's gravestone.
Imuzak-Akoijuf's Gravestone
Mr. Imuzak-Akoijuf's gravestone.
Lyu-Manas's Gravestone
Mr. Lyu-Manas's gravestone.
Okohsim-Eda's Gravestone
Miss Okohsim-Eda's gravestone.

Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

Igaram refers to the graveyard as サボテン岩 (saboten iwa?),[3] which can be translated as "Cactus Rock"; however, a sign is later seen showing that the name of the graveyard is "Sapoten Graveyard".[2] It is unclear if this is meant to be a translation of "saboten iwa", as "sapoten" is an incorrect romanization of "saboten" and "graveyard" is not a proper translation of "iwa", or if it is meant to be an alternate name for the graveyard.



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