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Rokuro[3] is a school teacher in the Flower Capital and a member of the Beasts Pirates.[1][2]


Rokuro is a woman of average height with pale purple, shoulder-length hair. She has yellow eyes, red lipstick, and a small flower in her hair. Due to the snake SMILE fruit, she elongates her neck, with fangs and a long forked tongue included. She wears a dark purple kimono adorned with blue floral patterns and an obi with red and dark red stripes.


Rokuro is loyal to Kurozumi Orochi as she teaches children propaganda that portrays him as a hero while vilifying Kozuki Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

File:Rokuro SMILE.png

Rokuro's SMILE.

Her snake SMILE Devil Fruit allows her to stretch her neck and gain snake-like fangs and tongue.[2]



At some point, Rokuro ate a SMILE Devil Fruit and successfully gained powers.[2]

Wano Country Arc

Rokuro held a lesson to young children about the concepts of open and closed countries and the history of Wano Country.[1]


  • Her ability and name are inspired by the mythical Japanese creature rokurokubi.
  • She is currently the only Gifter with a known name, while the others are either called by the name of the animal that represents their SMILE followed by "-man", or following the Beasts Pirates card games themed names.


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