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Sard was a wanted criminal who was active during Nami's youth. His bounty poster was shown in a flashback.


Sard was seen wearing a green top on his bounty poster. He has animal-like facial features and also appears to have a set of horns at the side of his head, but it remains unclear whether these horns are part of a helmet or part of his actual head. [1]


As a wanted man, Sard did something considered to be bad enough to warrant him having a bounty placed on his head.[1]

Abilities and Powers

It is unknown what abilities and powers he had, other than he was feared enough to be given a bounty. However, the low value of his bounty suggests that he wasn't very strong.[1]



As early as ten years ago, Sard had a bounty of Beli.png40,000 placed on him by the World Government. His bounty was distributed to Cocoyasi Village where it was placed in Genzo's office. It is currently unknown if his bounty is still active.[1]


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