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Sarfunkel is a new inhabitant on the Island of Rare Animals. She is described as a barrel woman.[1]


Sarfunkel in the digitally colored chapters.

She has long, flowing blond hair and wears a pair of goggles. She is stuck within a barrel, similar to how Gaimon is stuck inside a chest. Her barrel has the word "Caution" written on it with a star below it.[1]


Sarfunkel cares deeply about Gaimon, since they have been friends for some time and she was seen feeding him.[1]


From the Decks of the World

Sarfunkel feeding Gaimon.

During the two years after Gaimon met the Straw Hat Pirates, Sarfunkel came to the Island of Rare Animals and befriended him. While the two were having a meal, she fed stew to Gaimon.[1]



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