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Sarie Nantokanette is the queen of Goa Kingdom and Sterry's wife.[1]


Nantokanette's concept art from the anime.

Nantokanette is a tall thin woman, with long bright wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pointy nose. She wears a yellow-orange dress with flower motifs and a feather on her hair.[1]


She is somewhat optimistic compared to other nobles from her kingdom as she did not complain about her hotel room in Loguetown.[1] However, Oda stated that she is likely as bad as her husband.[3] She did show concern for Sterry as she was appalled at Vice Admiral Garp's derision of her husband during the reception of the various royals prior to the Levely.[4]

Abilities and Powers

As queen of the Goa Kingdom, Nantokanette has authority over its subjects as well as considerable wealth, and she can attend Levely.[1]



Sometime in the past, she married Sterry.[1] Following the unexpected deaths of the previous king and prince of Goa, Sterry took the throne and then Princess Nantokanette became his queen.[5]

Zou Arc

As the time for Levely approached, Nantokanette and Sterry were staying at a hotel for royalty in Loguetown.[1]

Levely Arc

Nantokanette and her husband later arrived at the Red Port, where she was shocked by Garp's rudeness towards Sterry.[6] They then took the bondola to go up to Mary Geoise. After reaching the top of the Red Line, they made their way to the Mary Geoise castle.[7]

Wano Country Arc

After Nantokanette, Sterry, and their loyal subjects left the Levely, she expressed shock to find out Sabo had infiltrated Mary Geoise.[8]


  • Her name is a reference to Marie Antoinette (マリー・アントワネット Marī Antowanetto?). The name Nantokanette, ナントカネット, translates to "Something-nette". Oda stated that he was lazy when coming up with it because he believed she would be as bad of a person as Sterry.[3]


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