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Sarutobi[5] is a ninja and a member of the Beasts Pirates.[3] He previously was a member of the Orochi Oniwabanshu which served the shogun of Wano Country, Kurozumi Orochi.[2]


Sarutobi without his mask at age 25.

Sarutobi is a very large man with tanned skin and a long, wild mane of light hair. He wears a purple gorilla-like mask over its face with round red eyes and horns at the top. He wears a blue kimono which is open at the front, showing part of his chest covered in netting; he also wears a red obi and a yellow scarf.[2]


As a member of the Oniwabanshu, Sarutobi appeared to be loyal to Kurozumi Orochi until the latter's supposed death.[3] He easily believed Brook to be an evil spirit and so became very scared upon being confronted by the pirate's disembodied soul, believing it was the Gashadokuro.[6]

Abilities and Powers

Like the other Oniwabanshu, Sarutobi possesses tremendous stealth abilities and was able to sneak up on Nico Robin with the entirety of his group.[2] His specialty is "Illusion" (幻術 Genjutsu?).[5]


Wano Country Arc

While Nico Robin was sneaking around Orochi Castle, Sarutobi and the rest of the Orochi Oniwabanshu silently appeared behind her.[2] The group moved to restrain her, but then discovered that this Robin was actually a body double, and so Fukurokuju sent them to the banquet hall to locate the real Robin.[7] Daikoku eventually spotted Robin and the Oniwabanshu confronted her, but she and her accomplices were able to escape.[8]

Brook scares Sarutobi and other members of the Orochi Oniwabanshu.

After Shimotsuki Yasuie's execution, the Orochi Oniwabanshu arrived to help fight off the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Sarutobi, Chome, and Bishamon were quickly scared away by Brook's disembodied spirit, which they mistook for the Gashadokuro.[9]

Several days later, the Fire Festival arrived and the Oniwabanshu accompanied Kurozumi Orochi to Onigashima to celebrate with the Beasts Pirates.[10] However, Kaidou seemingly killed Orochi during the festivities as part of his plot to assume full control over Wano, and Fukurokuju pledged the Oniwabanshu's allegiance to the Emperor and his crew.[3]


  • Sarutobi is likely named after Sarutobi Sasuke, a popular fictional ninja in Japanese folklore.
  • His appearance fits his name, which contains the kanji "Saru" (?), meaning monkey.
  • Sarutobi's favorite food is hardy kiwis.[4]


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